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Psychonauts 2 - Now coming 2021 (Xbox One, Series X, PS4 and PC) Game Pass also...


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I finished the story for this last night. 

I liked it quite a bit…. but I’m also disappointed. There is plenty to like here. The levels are well designed and have plenty of clever ideas and elements. I love how they manage to find different ways to show what these characters are thinking and what is wrong with them. Things like Bob keeping everything bottled up, and you enter the areas of the levels through bottles, or Cassie having the different versions of herself fighting for control. 

My disappointment is in the gameplay of the levels themselves though. For the most part, these are inventive platforming levels with a few twists, but the goal is, more or less, get to the end of the level. 

This game just doesn’t have the variety of the first. There is no Milkman Conspiracy, no Goggleor in Lingfishopolis, no Gigantic game board where you have to move the pieces around. I kept waiting for something like this to come, but it never really did. There are small puzzles and variety in the levels, the Food Gameshow was certainly different, and the theme park ride had a bit of this, but nothing was quite on the level on the levels from the first. 

Maybe the feedback from the first was that each level was too different, or they just wanted to take this game in a different direction and make it a bit more of a straight ahead platformer. That’s fine, but not what I wanted to see 


Regardless, I am overjoyed they got to make this game, and there really is a lot to like, and even love. I just can’t help but feel a bit let down. 

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