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Anyone wanna make me an XBL gamertag graphic?


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I suck at any kind of graphic work. Would anyone be so kind as to make me a small XBL gamertag that can fit next to my sig graphic? My XBL name is IceBlast, which is what I used to use on BBS systems way back in the day, that had an 8 character limiit. I chose it because, even though I live in Tx (and have all my life) I've always liked the cold weather (when we can get it) and Hockey.


Um, + KARMA for anyone who does :)

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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Dec 17 2003, 11:13 PM

I've been wanting to throw together an Xbox Live signature tag... but I can't find the picture of Bat Bat that I want.

Do you have any idea how thorough a search I made for a Bat Bat pic for you? I didn't find anything. This was months ago, so dunno what's out there now.



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