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Nintendo Switch discussion thread (Switch Lite, handheld only for $200 announced and launching 20th Sept 2019)


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I'm sad I never embraced it fully. I only ever had a 2DS for the briefest of time for an Animal Crossing fix. I really did want the New 3DS XL or 2DS XL but just never got round to acquiring one and am not really in the position financially to go hunting for one these days either. It's weird to think that DS and 3DS games might never have a second life through backward compatibility since it's hard to imagine Nintendo making a similar handheld again.

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Nintendo announced two Crash Bandicoot bundles today on the eShop (no mention of a physical release):


Crash Bandicoot - Crashiversary Bundle (N. Sane Trilogy + Crash Team Racing + 4: It's About Time). Regular price $99.99. On sale for $59.99 until 07/27/2021. Separately, the games cost $119.97.


Crash Bandicoot - Quadrilogy Bundle (N. Sane Trilogy + 4: It's About Time). Regular price $69.99. On sale for $41.99 until 07/27/2021. Separately, the games cost $79.98.

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3 hours ago, MastaRedSnappa said:

Three more titles announced for Nintendo Switch Online (available 07/28/2021):

Claymates (SNES)

Jelly Boy (SNES)

Bombuzal (SNES)



I have no issue with them putting on obscure, unknown, and even bad games. But it’s just embarrassing that this is what gets released when you consider what is missing and how often new releases come. 

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