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UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

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Hyuck, I mah gone have git me some help pickin’ me up one them thar Annihilation four kay casettes and sendin’ it across the waters!     ....better?

I picked up the Groundhog Day UHD at Best Buy. It’s a wonderful disc. Outside of the opening scene which is a bit grain heavy, the HDR pass really brings the transfer alive. Daylight scenes in particu


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Finished the first Back to the Future. Generally it's really great I think. Again, lightyears ahead of the old Blu-ray. Strangely it's some daytime scenes, almost all in the town square curiously enough, where the noise reduction is a bit too much. Most shots in those scenes look really clean, but still not enough to make things look smeary and plastic. The last act of the movie also sees the grain take on a bit of a video fuzz like look in some places which is also quite curious compared to the grainier scenes earlier on in the film where it looked more natural and looks good again during the sea dance interiors (could be the age of my LG's ability to handle HDR, but that's surprising if so since Dolby Vision is handling the tone mapping in this instance).


Such a delight to revisit the movie. It really has one of the most perfectly crafted screenplays. Will watch II and III tomorrow. 

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End of Chapter 13 is where things look fuzzy to me, when Doc and Marty are talking in the square at night, and when Marty is in the diner writing the letter. I'd be interested to know if you guys with more recent TVs see the same kind of anomaly in the grain (look at it particularly against the white of the covering over the deloran when the cop is questioning Doc, and then when Marty is in the diner and following nighttime exteriors at the school). 


I may go back and try to trick my Oppo into deactivating Dolby Vision sometime tomorrow after watching the other two just to see if those parts of the first one look any different in HDR10. 

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Back to the Future II looked consistently great to my eye! Nice thin layer of grain throughout. Softness where you'd expect it with so many optical effects (particularly where you have the same actor in the same scene), but no anomalies like those that stood out in the first movie. Don't know why it took me all these years to notice Charles Fleischer (voice of Roger Rabbit) is actually in the movie twice. I always spotted him beneath the makeup as the old man taking money to save the clock tower in 2015, but he's there again as the mechanic who restored Biff's car in 1995. Presumably they're supposed to be the same character at different ages. Funny the things you miss. 


Felt weirdly emotional when the preview for III kicks in. I remember how excited I felt in the cinema at the end of II when that appeared. To this day I also still don't quite understand why many people dislike the second film. I think it's brilliant. I'll watch III this evening. 


Going back to the first movie, I did very briefly put in the bundled Blu-ray (which is remastered) and almost want to say it holds up more consistently compared to the UHD. I'll have to spend more time comparing the two at a later time. 


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Part III looks really clean, but not quite in the way some of those scenes in the disc of the first film look (perhaps with the exception of the very last scenes back in 1985). III I think is helped by the fact so much of it was shot outdoors in bright daylight so probably isn't inherently very grainy at the source, the negative appears to have been kept in excellent condition, and there are far fewer optical effects in the third film compared to II. Night scenes and indoor scenes look grainer as one would expect, so noise reduction really doesn't seem to have done any alarming damage. It looks incredibly striking at times. The old Blu-ray looks like a DVD in comparison. 


So the UHD trilogy is not without imperfections, but we can definitely lay those terrible old Blu-rays to rest with confidence.


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Back in the day BTTF2 blew my mind. I adored the movie. The third movie was OK and both benefited from being derivative, with all the repeat jokes and back references, and also felt a little tired. My daughter watched and enjoyed the first two and gave up on the third. I assume for those reasons.

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11 hours ago, Adam Tyner said:



Confirmed in their announcements this afternoon. UK only.




  • Two-disc edition featuring a new restoration of Oldboy on 4K UHD Blu-ray, and the acclaimed making-of documentary Old Days on Blu-ray
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Justin Erickson


  • Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative supervised by director Park Chan-wook
  • 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible)
  • Original 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 2.0 stereo
  • Original Korean and English soundtracks
  • Music and effects track
  • Newly translated, optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack
  • Newly translated English subtitles for the Korean soundtrack
  • Audio commentary with director Park Chan-wook
  • Audio commentary with Park Chan-wook and cinematographer Jung Jung-hoon
  • Audio commentary with Park Chan-wook, and actors Choi Min-sik, Yu Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jung
  • New audio commentary with critic Jasper Sharp and writer Simon Ward
  • Out of the Past, new video appreciation by Asian film expert Tony Rayns
  • Deleted scenes with optional director commentary
  • Behind the scenes featurettes
  • Extensive cast and crew interviews
  • Trailers and teasers
  • Image gallery


  • Old Days: An Oldboy Story, the acclaimed feature-length 2016 documentary about Park Chan-wook’s masterpiece
  • Autobiography of Oldboy, a three-and-a-half-hour video diary of the making of Oldboy


Release date is 25th Jan.

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