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UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

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Hyuck, I mah gone have git me some help pickin’ me up one them thar Annihilation four kay casettes and sendin’ it across the waters!     ....better?


I picked up the Groundhog Day UHD at Best Buy. It’s a wonderful disc. Outside of the opening scene which is a bit grain heavy, the HDR pass really brings the transfer alive. Daylight scenes in particu

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It also looks like Arrow have rights to The Frighteners from Universal as it's been one of their recent postcards. Very likely to get a UHD as a distributor in Germany is bringing it to UHD next year too (the fact the postcard is included with Arrow's 4k release of King of New York as good as confirms it will be a 4k disc). 


There's also an Arrow postcard for True Romance out there apparently, which Arrow acquired alongside Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Last of the Mohicans after Warner's UK rights for all three lapsed. To date Arrow had only recycled the Warner discs to keep them in print, but it looks like we might finally see them get the proper Arrow treatment next year. Those would be UK only though as Warner still have True Romance and Robin Hood in the US, and Mohicans belongs to Fox/Disney. 

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We're going to need a cypher to work out what's coming from Arrow in 2021:



One of the DUHD's is surely Dune. BRUHD might be Battle Royale. I've long expected Arrow to revisit that.


WWS on line 5 (May) is not Wolf of Wall Street according to the replies. I'm not sure if the list is just Arrow Video 2021 titles or both Arrow Video and Arrow Academy releases for next year. 

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20 hours ago, Romier S said:

Bill Hunts review is up for the LOTR set:




TLDR Version



So is Warner’s new 4K Ultra HD remaster worth your time? Unquestionably. At the risk of beating a dead Warg, no matter how much of a fan you are of these films, you have never seen them looking or sounding this good before. These are near reference quality 4K image presentations, and they are absolutely reference quality Dolby Atmos mixes.


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On 11/29/2020 at 9:18 PM, Romier S said:

I just don’t care to own the Hobbit films. I’ll grab the LOTR Trilogy and if the mega set next year strikes me, I’ll sell the current set off.


I can take or leave the Hobbit films, but their special features were compelling (particularly the Five Armies stuff which showed how physically and mentally exhausting making films on this scale can be). More than anything I'm eager to see new special features for LOTR and this will likely be the last chance Jackson gets to put together the stuff he's wanted to do for years now. We know there will be new stuff as it's in the press release, but whether they've let Jackson go all out remains to be seen. 

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The Warner release of “V for Vendetta” is stellar. Definite upgrade in color reproduction and fantastic contrast with deep inky blacks.

I absolutely love the movie so I’m happy to have a presentation of it that is as good if not better than it has looked since I saw it in theaters years ago.


The atmos mix is also superb with some amazing bass. It also brings out the rather excellent and somewhat overlooked score.

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The Dawn of the Dead set really is a stellar release. It looks phenomenal, and Second Sight have really outdone themselves and the competition with the whole package and presentation. It deserves to top best of year lists. If you have the means to import it, I highly recommend doing so (bear in mind I believe the special features disc, which is a regular blu-ray, is region locked).


I really hope Second Sight look to do more UHDs in future. 

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There seems to be retail indication that Paramount will release the DeMille's 1956 version of The 10 Commandments on March 30th. That's a nice surprise. Hopefully it's one of Paramounts better restorations.


Next year will mark the film's 65th Anniversary, so that's inspired me to look up other film anniversaries that we're due next year and do my annual guessing game as to what studios might consider possible candidates for a UHD release in some form or other:



60th Anniversary:

Breakfast at Tiffany's [Paramount] (I could see them doing it, but for 4k streaming only alongside a Paramount Presents label 1080p disc)

West Side Story [MGM] (Already 4k/DV on streaming. A disc would be nice)


50th Anniversary:

A Clockwork Orange [Warner] (Definitely happening)

Dirty Harry [Warner] (maybe)

Duel [Universal] (Quite possible Arrow could do this!)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory [Warner] (Would be wonderful)


45th Anniversary:

All The President's Men [Warner] (Unlikely but would be great to see)

The Man Who Fell To Earth [Studio Canal] (Possible this could get a European disc)

Rocky [MGM] (Very possible. Already 4k/DV on streaming. Stallone's been busy re-cutting Rocky IV. We could get a series box set?).

Taxi Driver [Sony] (Very likely. Perhaps in vol2 of a Columbia box set?)


40th Anniversary:

An American Werewolf in London [Universal] (Maybe?)

Raiders of the Lost Ark [Paramount] (Indy box set long rumoured. Seems very likely 2021 will be the year)

Superman II [Warner] (I actually don't think this one has a good chance, but it'd be nice if they did it)


35th Anniversary:

Aliens [Fox/Disney] (Slim to nil chance)

The Colour Purple [Warner] (Unlikely unless Spielberg/Amblin are pushing for it)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Paramount] (Most likely streaming if 4k)

Karate Kid part II [Sony] (Outside chance?)

Little Shop of Horrors [Warner] (I'd LOVE this, but would be surprised)

Ran [Studio Canal] (Very likely in Europe)

Rocky IV [MGM] (Again, Stallone has been re-editing the film. Combined with the Rocky's Anniversary a box set seems obvious?)


30th Anniversary:

Cape Fear [Universal] (Maybe)

Dances with Wolves [MGM] (Unlikely on disc unless a boutique label gets it. Possibly streaming?)

JFK [Fox/Disney] (Not a chance)

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves [Warner] (Outside chance for US, but Arrow have the UK rights after Warner's expired so maybe?)

Point Break [Warner] (Unlikely, but would be nice)

Silence of the Lambs [MGM] (Unlikely, though it's been 4k/DV on streaming for a while. Criterion Blu licence may stop another indie doing a UHD)

Terminator 2 Judgement Day [StudioCanal/Lionsgate] (Sadly unlikely that we'll see them do this properly next year)


25th Anniversary:

12 Monkeys [Universal] (Outside chance)

Dragonheart [Universal] (Already on the cards according to some International retail listings)

Fargo [MGM] (4k on streaming already. Disc only likely if a boutique label gets it I think)

The Frighteners [Universal] (Coming from Arrow!)

Hamlet [Warner] (So unlikely it hurts. It could be gorgeous were it to happen)

Hunchback of Notre Dame [Disney] (Unlikely)

Mars Attacks [Warner] (Would be a treatl, but who knows?)

Nutty Professor [Universal] (Unlikely)

The Rock [Disney] (Sadly not, but maybe streaming?)

Romeo+Juliet [Fox/Disney] (Unless Luhrmann has the sway to make it happen, sadly not. Possible for streaming?)

Space Jam [Warner] (Quite possible with the sequel due next year)

Twister [Warner in US, Universal in UK] (Maybe? Chance of Universal doing it internationally might be higher than Warner domestically)


20th Anniversary:

A.I Artificial Intelligence [Paramount in US, Warner in UK] (Desperately hoping that this is on the cards)

Amelie [Miramax/Studio Canal] (Not in US, but quite possible for Europe)

A Beautiful Mind [Universal] (Maybe?)

Moulin Rouge [Fox/Disney] (Tragically unlikely unless, again, Luhrmann has the sway to make it happen)

Ocean's Eleven [Warner] (Fairly possible? Whole trilogy would be welcome. Soderbergh's been said to have been doing 4k masters of all of his films)

Vanilla Sky [Paramount] (Received a surprise 4k/DV on streaming, but disc seems unlikely although Paramount seem to love doing Cruise UHDs)


15th Anniversary:

Children of Men [Universal] (Maybe?)

The Departed [Warner] (Fairly possible)

Rocky Balboa [MGM] (AGAIN another Rocky film anniversary in 2021. Surely a series box set is a shoe in?)


10th Anniversary:

Adventures of Tintin [Paramount] (Unlikely unless Spielberg/Amblin make it happen)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [Sony] (🤷‍♂️)

Hugo [Paramount] (Unlikely unless Scorsese got it to happen)

Moneyball [Sony] (Could be in vol2 of a Columbia set?)



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2 hours ago, iainl said:

Toss up really, between West Side Story for the anniversary, or holding it back ‘22 to go alongside the home release of Spielberg’s remake.


Since Spielberg's version is coming via Fox/Disney, and a disc would come from MGM or an indie label, I could see a move to cash in on both the anniversary of the original and the release of the remake by releasing it alongside the theatrical debut of the new version rather than wait until the home video release of Spielberg's take. The snag on it getting a disc however could be Criterion. I'm fairly sure they were once supposed to be working on a new Blu-ray, which if they didn't hand back the licence by now could well mean they have the UHD rights even though they'd be unlikely to use them. This was also supposed to be true of Ferris Bueller once, Criterion were said to have the rights, but who knows if they still do. 


The 4k/DV West Side Story on iTunes looks nice from what I looked over. I might add it to the viewing list over the festive season.

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