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Need For Speed:Underground


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Now, I think PGR2 will most likely have a longer lifetime, but NFS:U is a hell of a lot of fun and has kept me away from the PGR2 races lately. So many of the challenges in PGR2 make me feel like I'm taking my driver's test again that I find it easy to stop playing the single-player game, and that affects my online play since I have few of the faster cars unlocked. I'm having a blast ricing out my Subaru with wild paint, engine upgrades, stickers and decals, Nitrous Oxide, etc. The graphics are awesome, and even though the action takes place in one city, there are numerous routes (and shortcuts) throughout. The addition of traffic changes the whole complexion of racing. There are 111 races (I've completed 30) and each attempt has been a "Okay, just one more time" until I beat it. I've only gone online once, but it seems you race your offline car in official races and you can choose a totally tricked-out ride in unofficial races. Style points (think Kudos) earned online count towards your offline car upgrades.


Who else has picked up this most excellent racer?

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