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FS: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/SP3 Type Cover/SP3 & SP4 Pen ($400 + shipping)


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I am selling a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i5 (4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10) with charcoal gray Surface Pro 3 Type Cover, Surface Pro 4 Pen (you'll also get the Surface Pro 3 Pen that came with the SP3) and charger for $400 plus shipping. It comes with front/rear cameras, a USB 3.0 port, mini DisplayPort, a microSD card slot, a multi-angle fold-out kickstand and headphones/microphone jack. I will factory reset it so that it will be like a new computer.


The screen is absolutely flawless (no scratches, discolorations, dead/stuck pixels, etc.). There is a small hairline scratch on the bottom right corner of the rear kickstand. Other than that, it looks brand new. The outside of the Type Cover has a small blemish where the pen loop (that holds the Surface Pen) was previously attached. I re-attached the pen loop on the other side so that it doesn't get in the way of the charging port when the Type Cover is closed and the SP3 is charging.

I have used this computer as both my primary PC and tablet for about 1.5 years (I bought it brand new) and never had any problems with it. The build quality on the Surface Pro line is really fantastic. If you need more storage, you can easily add a microSD card (a 128GB one on Amazon is in the $40 range). If you're interested in digital art, the Surface Pro line is great with its pressure-sensitive pen (especially the new SP4 pen with a softer tip). I prefer the Surface Pro line to the iPad Pro because the Surface Pros can run full Windows OS and desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop, etc.


I can't figure out how to post pictures but message me and I'll send them to you via message or email.

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According to HWInfo and HWMonitor, the designed capacity of the battery is 42,157 mWh. The fully charged capacity is 43,571 mWh and the current capacity is 43,571 mWh (it's currently plugged in). HWInfo says the battery wear level is 0.0% (HWMonitor doesn't have that info).


Now that the battery is fully charged, I'll run some tests like streaming Netflix over WiFi.

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I ran the following test:


- Windows 10 Netflix app streaming video continuously​

- Screen set to 75% brightness

- WiFi ON

- display turning off after inactivity OFF

- sleep after inactivity OFF

- battery saver OFF



The Surface Pro 3 turned off just after 5 hours of continuous use. Obviously, the times will vary depending on individual usage (less time when gaming, more time when just surfing the web) and what settings are used (particularly screen brightness).


Hope that's helpful.

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