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The Official Television and Display Technology Thread - Enter of your own will.....(and leave with a lighter wallet)


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On 10/27/2020 at 4:31 PM, Magness said:

The 1917 scene starts at 27:45 as the tripwire goes off. Thanks Nick


Well my UBD-K8500 starting working again so I ordered a remote for $10 off amazon.


Got around to checking this scene out last night, I need to confirm HDR/Settings, but I didn't really see any sparks of green/red that would be distracting in the dust.





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1 hour ago, kelley said:

Welcome to the 85x900 club. 

Oh yeah, you have that TV? I was planning on stealing the settings from here:



But please Obi Wan, teach what you can about this TV. I'm getting it tomorrow. I'll probably hook it up while it is on the floor and try to see if it has any dead pixels, try to configure it a little. My Home Theater upgrade won't really happen until next Tuesday when the TV will actually get mounted. Then the real fun begins.

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So I setup my x900h, my first foray into 4K/HDR against 15 years of my 1080p DLP projector. 


I thought it looks good, but was a little disappointed. Wasn't as sharp as I thought, watching Disney+ Infinity War.


Then I realized I wasn't wearing my:

Elliot Black w/Gold Prescription Eyeglasses

Yeah, it looks really friggin good. Can't wait to mount this baby and get Atmos working.

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So how the hell do I control my receiver and TV? I have an RF Harmony, but do I really need to use it? My x900h has homekit, chromecast, android tv... my receiver has airplay, bluetooth, an app ... shouldn’t there be some slick way to control this crap without an IR system? That doesn’t require two different apps?  It doesn’t seem like it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I thought I would update everyone since I pulled the trigger on upgrading my Home Theater and have a few weeks of experience to report.


First, here is my new setup:

  1. Replaced Optima HD80 Projector with 85-inch X900H
  2. Added Denon AVR-X3700H (no HDMI 2.1, eArcing back from TV for audio)
  3. Added two C34E In-Ceiling Speaker(s) for 7.1.2 sound
  4. PS5

What's Good:

  1. The PQ improvement is really noticeable. Going from 1080p to 4K and HDR is great.
  2. The SPEED. Turning on/off the TV, switching between inputs, it all happens really fast.
  3. Spiderman is really a showcase for this TV. Infinity War too.
  4. Prison Break on Hulu looks amazing. All these people have imperfect skin. I can't figure out if they screwed up with make-up or if it is just my awesome TV that let's me see this detail.

What's Bad:

  1. Haven't figured out the motion settings yet. I don't like the soap opera setting so I usually disable it. But when I disabled it, the motion looks bad/choppy. Like when watching Breaking Bad it just looks like it is 20 fps sometimes.
  2. I had lots of problems with my very expensive 30 foot HDMI cables. Had to return two of them.
  3. There seems to be an eArc bug where the audio cuts out for 10 seconds every once in a while when using Netflix, Hulu, or any of the apps. Does not happen with the PS5. Not yet at least.
  4. There was a random shut-off bug that I think got fixed with firmware update
  5. Some material is really grainy. Netflix Breaking Bad is super grainy. Rise of Skywalker on Disney+ is super grainy. Looks worse than on my crappy TVs
  6. Thor 1 looks too dark and not great to me. on Disney+

What's interesting:

  1. TV is bright enough that I now watch with my lights at 25% as opposed to being off.
  2. I attempted at first to do recommended configurations for this TV, and when I couldn't get things to look right, I just set it all back to the defaults, and even turned on the light sensor, because I was getting radically different brightness as I hopped between PS5, Netflix, etc... and was getting really burned out trying to figure it out
  3. The receiver doesn't indicate whether it is processing ATMOS. I don't know for sure whether I'm actually experiencing ATMOS. It sounds fantastic with great 3D audio for Spiderman and movies. But I'm not "sure" I'm getting what I think I'm getting. Stresses me out a little.



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Keith, I think that receiver should tell if it is receiving and decoding an Atmos signal. My x6200 does so I can't imagine that your receiver, five generations later, would not. Have you tried cycling through the sound modes?


Also, at 85 inches and 4K, any imperfections in the source material can't hide. I have yet to stream a live sports broadcast on my x900f that looks good. Using TiVo Mini was acceptable, but just. It's not enough to make me go back to cable, but it's noticeable.


Congrats on the new setup — enjoy it! Post some pics!

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1 minute ago, Brandon H said:

Keith, I think that receiver should tell if it is receiving and decoding an Atmos signal. My x6200 does so I can't imagine that your receiver, five generations later, would not. Have you tried cycling through the sound modes?


Was going to say the same. Virtually all receivers have a display toggle that allows you to choose which status you want to see at any time.

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1 hour ago, Brandon H said:

In your receiver, add DTS:Neural X processing to your multichannel 7.1 out from the PS5. It does an admirable job of using those height channels. The Dolby Surround up mixer works too, but I marginally prefer the DTS engine.

I'm guessing the only downside is that I currently have the receive set to Auto, so it just figures out the right setting. To do the above, I would have to set the mode manually. Which I'm guessing I can do based on input? But since my INPUT is always eArc through the same cable looped back from the TV, I don't think I can do that. So I'd have to manually set that mode every time I use the PS5.


However, since I'm already using my Harmony to switch stuff, why not include this setting as well. I'll try to figure it out. Thanks for the tip. Although I wish Sony would do this natively. The idea of manufacturing virtual height channels is a little sad for my shiny new PS5 next-gen console.

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On 12/12/2020 at 4:43 PM, Orpheus said:

I know most of the discussion si centering around larger more expensive sets. What's worth looking at these days in the 65" range in the $600 to 1k range. Any tech to stay away from or look for in  particular?

Take a look at the TCL 6 series sets. They’ve got some good performing ones in your budget. 

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