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Angry the Clown

Red Dead Redemption 2 (late 2017... until it gets delayed *UPDATE: Delayed to October 2018*) [PS4/XB1] - Coming to PC Nov 2019

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A couple of other things that I noticed playing this some more:

-Bounties are strange.  In GTA, you could get the cops out looking for you, but eventually they'd stop.  Once you lost your heat, you could be reasonably anonymous again, which seems to be the standard for most games where there's a "notoriety level".  In this case though, in addition to having a situational "people are looking for you" level, the bounties mean that there's an extra level of vigilance in an area seemingly forever, unless you pay off the bounty yourself?  It seems weird that you'd end up with a reasonably massive price on your head, and that the only way to pay it off is grind out money, and not have any other options (unless I'm missing something). 

-The game managed to eat my horse!  Loaded up the autosave, and the horse that I'd gotten up to full bond was nowhere to be found.  I still had the original one from the start of the game, but not the upgraded one I'd been using.  Fortunately I had a manual save half an hour earlier that I could roll back to, and from a quick search this sounds like a known issue (at least a year ago).  Guess it never got fixed? 

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