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A vinyl thread (for us old fogies who laugh in the face of common sense).

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So this happened. I can’t blame any of you, though, that lays squarely with my BF who is a huge vinyl collector, upwards of 15k records. My resistance has slowly worn down, and in fact has inverted in

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So what's on everyone's RSD2019 list? It lands on my wedding anniversary, so I'm not sure I can make it, but damn there are some enticing things on there. Definitely want the "Rated PG" compilation of Peter Gabriel songs for films, particularly for the WALL-E one, the new Sunn O))) (though I could just wait for the regular vinyl a few weeks later), The Depreciation Guild's 'In Her Gentle Jaws' (I got a promo digital at the time, but it deserves a record), and Twin Peaks Season 2. Might grab the Suede, depending on price (it's not like Head Music had the best B-sides, but completion is required) and the Sherman Brothers Songbook (depending on the track list).

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Have no real desire to get in a line to buy something at the best of times to be honest, and money is extremely tight right now. That said, Sherman Bros if, IF, it has some of their park music on there like Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, One Little Spark and Making Memories.


It’s a cut down version of the deluxe album of the same name released a decade ago though so I suspect it will primarily be their most noted film songs (with the exception of It’s a Small World which we know is on the RSD LP).


It does strike me as one of those RSD exclusives that’s a single LP only to see the full album released generally at a later date though, and the full album is a really great compilation.

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