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A vinyl thread (for us old fogies who laugh in the face of common sense).

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Latest additions. 

So this happened. I can’t blame any of you, though, that lays squarely with my BF who is a huge vinyl collector, upwards of 15k records. My resistance has slowly worn down, and in fact has inverted in

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Reconfigured will be £40 tomorrow in our shop as part of RSD Drop Three; I had a look through their offerings when I popped in for the new Gorillaz and Faithless LPs today. It’s a lot too rich for me, thanks, not that I was planning on daring to try - Covid’s bad enough here again that the rumour is that we’ll be back under lockdown within a week. 

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Got my wrist band at 2 am. Came back at 8:30 this am, walked in and walked out a couple minutes later. 2 planned and 2 impulse purchases:

The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix

Modern English - Melt With You 12"
Bob Mould - Circle of Friends (impulse purchase)
Tres Vampires (also an impulse purchase and honestly surprised there was one left)

With RSD being split like this I am absolutely certain I spent far more than I would have in a normal year. There were some excellent jazz releases I didn't pick up, mostly because I already had it on CD,  that I may double dip on yet.

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Got another round of music in. Picard S1 score which I listened to today which sounds great and Adam Lambert and Queen around the world which I listened to last night . The three Austin Powers soundtracks came but I have not listened to them yet.  

This month Mandolorian S1, Tron Legacy  and Avengers game soundtrack release from Mondo. ST discovery s2 from FYE keeps getting delayed for some reason.

I am also happy that a few things I missed when I first got into vinyl have been repressed (Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel). 

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2 minutes ago, kelley said:

So do you guys bag your covers of just leave them out. I've got some that are bagged and some that are not and frankly the bags just feel like they are starting to get in the way.


Outer sleeves you mean? Always. I've had records for 30+ years that still look mint because of them.

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It kinda does. After we move (if we ever find a place to buy) I'll be getting a display box to hold about 30 or so records that I can flip through with the front facing forward. Things I listen to a lot or newly acquired can go in there. The guy who's owns my local stores makes them and has a means of transferring high quality graphics onto them, which i may take advantage of.



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