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A vinyl thread (for us old fogies who laugh in the face of common sense).

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Shelf space will be my issue as I finish tackling sleeving my collection. I'm using a 4x2 kallax for the good stuff and 35 Litre XL Really Useful BOxes for the stuff that's just in storage (mostly my dad's collection). What little space I have left will certainly disappear as I sleeve. I was thinking about putting 4x1 on the 4x2, but i'm also looking for alternate options for a midsized collection that isn't custom.


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So this happened. I can’t blame any of you, though, that lays squarely with my BF who is a huge vinyl collector, upwards of 15k records. My resistance has slowly worn down, and in fact has inverted in

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On 3/6/2021 at 10:54 PM, kelley said:

I’ve been putting my records into some new plastic sleeves, I decided to try putting the record and the inner sleeve in the bag outside of the cardboard sleeve as recommended by  Channel 33 on YouTube. It’s brilliant. Makes it so much easier to handle the records.

Yeah, my issue would be shelf space as well.  Which episode of Channel 33 was this?

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54 minutes ago, Orpheus said:

Found 5 titles that are for sure purchases, and only 2 should be any issue trying to get based on limited quantities. My local store wants our wish lists by Monday. Haven't checked the UK list yet to see if there's anything exclusive over there I may want to track down.

UK list here


There are 3-4 soundtracks I want to pick up, but the Matrix Complete is my first priority.

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So far, everything I fancy on the US is also coming to the UK, so that's a relief. The Matrix, the new Garbage (maybe? The regular superdeluxe looks nicer than the RSD version, and both are coming out around the same time), The Flaming Lips (mainly for those stereo mixes of Zaireeka! because somehow a vinyl pressing is more convenient, not less). Then only the UK get the live Suede lp, whatever the Chemical Brothers are doing (hah - I've been burned too many times with them, and know full well it'll be impossible to find except for all the money on ebay), Chapterhouse (God only knows what a 4 disc set is going to cost, but given Discogs want £90 for the original 2xCD release it's probably worth it), FSOL (because a man can't own too many pressings of Papua New Guinea), Mogwai (despite not being overly impressed with my digital copy) and the Erased Tapes compilation are all on the list of possibles.


But really, I know how hard it can be to get That One Thing you really want on RSD, and I also know that prices are a complete lottery on these things, and an album could as easily be £40 as £20. So I play it by ear, and get whatever I like the look of once I'm actually through the door on the day.

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That Chapterhouse being UK exclusive makes me sad. I'd have shelled out for that. My local store said the Wire release, which was looking to be UK only is coming to the US as well, so I'm hoping. Then the issue becomes there are 3 of us who would be wanting the likely one copy that will be there.


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