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A vinyl thread (for us old fogies who laugh in the face of common sense).

Angry the Clown

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@Angry the Clown Mondo announced today they are doing their own Ghostbusters 2 release later this year.


Other things they announced or mentioned coming this year or early next


Pixar’s Up-preorders in a few weeks

Full Metal Jacket 


MI 4:Ghost Protocal which will come with a slip case for the first four releases.

Gunpowder Milkshake with Milan Records

A SW title that is not Mandalorian S2 box set 😩

Suicide Squad

Only one other title from Disney this year (not The Rock), which is frankly disappointing if Black Widow is the only MCU release this year. 
They mentioned one other title in partnership with Milan, but the mic cut out.


Some of the other soundtrack titles from other companies On the stream

Trading Places

Viewtiful Joe 

Power Stone

Death Note 6lp




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Oh, damn. Hook's going to be tempting depending on the track assembly (whether it's the original album, or something closer to the La La Land expansion from years ago. I actually think La La Land will revisit Hook at some stage as there's still a good bit missing). 


Ghostbusters 2 I'll be happy with a FLAC purchase/CD but that's interesting Mondo are doing their own edition. Originally La La Land were supposed to do Ghosbutsers II on CD several years ago, and had they done so I suspect their release would have been a touch more substantial than the one we're getting from Sony, but I shouldn't complain as I've been waiting for some kind of score release ever since seeing the film at the cinema. 




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Oasis at Knebworth vinyl release coming in November to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the two gigs:




I'm going to have to grab that since I was there (second night). :)  The album is a mix of August 10th and 11th.


Documentary coming too:




The Blu-ray of the doc will also include full recordings of both performances. 


That was the most exhausting (in a good way) concert I have ever been to. An absolute assault on the senses. It was very special so I'm glad to see it released and documented for posterity.  



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I'm not into vinyl, but if I were, I'd be all over this link stink on shit.



The biggest question I have is will the version of Cold Spring Harbor be the remixed version from the early 80s or the original mix slowed down to the correct speed?


My guess is the former, which is a shame because the original version corrected is so much better.


EDIT: Just to give you an idea how different the original versions are, here's the currently available version of the song "Turn Around":



And here it is from the original pressing:



Totally different. The original has a more country music vibe. I have a digital copy of this version (in much better quality), and I wish we'd get a proper release of it at some point. Unfortunately, Joel has mostly washed his hands of this album and seems uninterested in reissuing it in this way.

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It’s on my wishlist. 

My wallet is also nervous as Mondo’s 10 year anniversary starts next week, and Mondo/Death Waltz are gonna have 15 releases over the next 10 weeks. 

With that in mind, we decided that it’s time to, in-earnest, kick off a proper Tenth-Anniversary Celebration! Starting next Wednesday, we will begin a 10-week long campaign of non-stop, all-new Mondo and Death Waltz releases (over 15 just from our labels alone). From celebrated classics to hit TV shows, from AAA Videogame titles to animated masterpieces, we’ve got also got multiple soundtracks to highly anticipated new films hitting cinemas this fall ... and even a classic soundtrack that is over 80 years old! All absolute bangers.”



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Well it’s looking like the Vinyl pressing backlog is getting much worse. Mondo sent out a message to those who preordered MI3, that pressing was originally delayed a few weeks, but has now been delayed until late in the year. So maybe a release in December. 

Just awaiting notifications on the other 4-5 preordered records.  Good news is Cobra Kai collection shipped, and will be here next week.


I also was able to snag a copy of the Total Recall 3LP release off someone on Micari for a decent price. I thought I had preordered it a while ago, but did not. 


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When it rains it pours. Without fail there is a quiet period, and things get delayed and then  a bunch of stuff all arrives in a few weeks time. Bond I ordered last year, total recall I had to order from the UK when it was back in stock as Amazon cancelled my order saying they could not get anymore when it originally came out.



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