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PS2 Price Drop

Chris F

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Yeah, but I'm wondering if this will cause some consumer confusion / anger when all of a sudden it jumps up to $199 in June. Most people aren't as in-the-know as we are and will simply see it as a price increase.


Eithter that or it will stay at $179.

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How can they? Xbox has a HD & a network adapter and it's only $179.


They won't raise the price back.


but the xbox doesn't have 56k support! that to me is worth the $20 alone.












ps - if you didn't realize i'm joking by now shame on you.

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I thought the new PS2 only had broadband included? Is has the modem too?


Even if it has both, it's still not worth $20. They can do the modem in software if they wanted -and you can buy a hardware modem at Newegg for like $8.00.

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