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Game Dev Industry - Advice for a Best Friend's Son?

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Hey guys, my best friend's son recently graduated from college and is a die hard Nintendo gamer and wants to work in the industry. 


His name is Brian Eisenberg.  He is graduating with a B.E. in Computer Science with a minor in Game Design & Development.


Here's his resume: https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/17356369_10210687721242607_2087995473322311680_n.pdf/resumebrianeisenberg.pdf?oh=e4ac0ad0591e29313f34cbd8b72de4c0&oe=58D95742&dl=1


Can you offer any advice or know of any entry level opportunities?


Thank you!


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I don't work in games, but thought about it for many years, and based on the reasearch I've done, the best advice I can give is "run far away".  Software jobs can be a meat grinder in a lot of places, but the impression I get is that games are much, much worse.  Besides, the problems you solve in a typical game dev job are probably almost identical to the ones you'd solve writing software just about anywhere else, but in other industries you'd probably get paid better, work better hours, and have more job security.  I've been working in enterprise software for the past 15 years, and the problem solving and Engineering I have to do on a day to day basis are still incredibly cool, and it also has the added benefit of not killing my appreciation for games as a hobby. 


That being said, straight out of school and unencumbered is the best time to find out for yourself.  There are plenty of people who are happy working in games, and it does sound like it's gotten better outside of the AAA world.


As for his resume, I'd say he should flesh out his work experience around the one relevant position he has.  Which technologies did he use?  Which technology issues did he have to work out?  Also, has he got any sort of a portfolio?  I noticed the links at the bottom-maybe if he wants to link to projects on there directly and describe them a bit?  Treat those more like work experience, and have maybe a bullet that's a quick description of the project, and one that outlines which technologies are used in it.  I know that when I screen resumes I'd look for things like that, and may not take the time to chase down links to github pages etc.  The more you can put front and center, the better. 


Good luck to him though!

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I'm very involved in hiring engineers at our studio, but we're a very hard studio to get hired at ;) If you give me an introduction on Facebook, Dave, I'd be fine with giving him some direct advice/direction.


The first & foremost question I have from his resume is what role does he want? He has a mixed background of design & software engineering, but probably an emphasis on game design? The engineering mentioned on his resume probably isn't strong enough for most game programming roles - maybe tools (often C# focused), but that's a role with a very specific long term focus. Typically for entry level roles, we're looking for game related projects, certain basic programming standards, and a definite focus on 'passion projects' involving games either in school or out of school. That goes for engineering & design - we want to see you *want* to make games/demos/scenes/"Stuff" & be inquisitive about what you don't know.


It's by the by but entry level roles in this industry are hard to get in big formalized studios. That's partly why the indie scene has grown so much in response - people making the games they want to make without huge teams involved. Big teams are Hard.

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