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Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

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Well, the reveal is about thirty minutes away at the time of writing. Game Trailers seems to be the official stream partner, but it appears that there are some alternative links as well, including the Xbox Youtube channel.








10:00 AM US PST

13:00 PM US EST

18:00 PM UK GMT



Can't be as cringe inducing as what we endured eight years ago, right? .... Right?

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Holy Fucking Shit! Look at this message I just got on Twitter from the official Xbox account:     I guess I made the right move by not buying Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order yet, huh

This is fantastic to see:       PC compatible too of course.  

Well Amazon delivered a day early and my X is sitting boxed in its X box box in the corner. I wasn’t prepared for this at all as I’m trying to press on with God of War. I’ll make some time later to ge

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So I watched what I could. Have to get back to work. Looks ok, name is alright, but I really wanted it to be about the games. I know they are getting to it but it should have been what they started with. All that other stuff is nice but secondary to me. Just reinforces what I have felt, that their primary focus is not games. Oh well, I will own one...pun not intended.

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Dull. I liked the design and the controller. 


Couldn't care less about the added services. Sure, they're nice but very little to no focus on games. I know E3 is where they plan to focus more on that but a little more balance would have been nice. CG trailers are nothing but missed opportunities.

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Wow... dull is the word.  Personally, don't care about any services, just want games.  And all those games they showed were all "replay" or CG stuff.  Never once was any of that actually what you'd see while playing the game.  Missed opportunity for sure, as Romier stated.  A Halo TV series... ugh.  They could have stole some Sony thunder, but that was pretty boring, for me anyway.


Wait till E3 for some games... I assume.

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I'm rather dumbfounded by it all, quite frankly. All jokey snark aside, I did approach this with some genuine curiosity. I'd wondered whether maybe, just maybe, what we'd seen the 360 deteriorate into over the past few years was merely result of a console that had outlived its shelf life, a console that its maker no longer knew what to do with other than pile on the ads and shifting focus to gimmicks and turning it into an entertainment hub. I was open to MS winning my attention again...


Today, Microsoft began with twenty minutes of talk focusing on those very same features. It wasn't until a little over half an hour until a game devleoper hit the stage, EA, who showed what seemed to be some poorly rendered CG footage of sports titles. Then we saw some underwhelming looking FMV of Forza 5, which didn't hold a candle to in game footage seen from Drive Club on PS4. What is going on? I expected some game footage, and expected that footage to look impressive. We got nothing of the sort. After ten minutes of software talk it all returned to their big "entertainment" vision and a Halo TV series.


The device itself, reminding me of a betamax VCR, seems to be alarmingly big, even more so when you consider the addition of the Kinect slab. I have to hope the PSU has been stuffed inside the unit itself because if there's still a power brick this thing will be ludicrous. I like the little changes to the control pad. No real need to mess with a good design, and they haven't. With the pad, at least, they made a wise decision.

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I think everyone here feels the same way, Dan. Waiting for some more info to come between now & E3, but for now, my enthusiasm is lacking.


Another pic snagged from NeoGAF:





More updates:


-No online required to function. EDIT: for 24 hours, anyway...

-Kinnect is required to function.

-Zero backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, and don't expect it ever. 360 will continue to be sold along side it.


Best info so far at Wired:



Official FAQ:


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I didn’t get to watch the live stream, but I did read along with The Verge’s live blog of the event.  I can’t say I’m too terribly excited about what I read.  As others have said, the lack of games is unfortunate, but I knew going into this that we wouldn’t see much in that regard until E3.  And while the hardware was shown, no specific release dates or pricing were announced.  Again, this leads me to wonder why the event was needed at all.



In the end, it feels like Microsoft said a lot about Xbox One but didn’t tell us anything about it.

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I do not see the point of "replacing" my living room when I already have it set up. Finally I can unhook my DVD player... But won't.


I don't want to stop watching a movie for a deathmatch, I don't want my mother trying to Skype while I'm playing GTA5. I know society has a ten second attention span these days, so I am beyond in the minority, but god damn.


Was great that Remedy had a new game. I will definitely play that. On PC.


Also, fuck Kinect. So much today was just crap distracting from why I would want a games console to start with, the games.

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Some weird info coming out about Installing games and having to pay a fee to install if you aren't the primary holder. Was hearing that on the Giant Bombstream right now. Just putting a game in and playing it without paying sounds impossible if you aren't the 1st person playing it.



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Here's the details on it, from Wired.



There’s one feature of Xbox One from which we can infer quite a few conclusions: You can install any game from the disc to the console’s hard drive, and then play that game whenever you like without having to put the disc in.


Wired asked Microsoft if installation would be mandatory. “On the new Xbox, all game discs are installed to the HDD to play,” the company responded in an emailed statement. Sounds mandatory to us.


What follows naturally from this is that each disc would have to be tied to a unique Xbox Live account, else you could take a single disc and pass it between everyone you know and copy the game over and over. Since this is clearly not going to happen, each disc must then only install for a single owner.


Microsoft did say that if a disc was used with a second account, that owner would be given the option to pay a fee and install the game from the disc, which would then mean that the new account would also own the game and could play it without the disc.


But what if a second person simply wanted to put the disc in and play the game without installing – and without paying extra? In other words, what happens to our traditional concept of a “used game”? This is a question for which Microsoft did not yet have an answer, and is surely something that game buyers (as well as renters and lenders) will want to know.

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Microsoft's minty-fresh Xbox One will be unable to play Xbox 360 discs, nor will your multitude of Xbox Live Arcade purchases transfer to the new machine, our friends at Engadget have learned.


From Joystiq.

The discs was kinda expected, but I was shocked to read about XBLA games.


Well damn, I guess I need a new 360, cause the one I have is on it's last legs.

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That entire presentation was great if what you care about is accessory services and are interested in your game console controlling your living room. I can see how that would appeal to a certain subset of folks.

As a gamer, the entire presentation was a disaster. I find those type of advances interesting but impractical in a lot of situations and frankly I've have absolutey no interest whatsoever in integrating gestures in my normal everyday routine of watching television/movies, etc. Voice activation is fine and dandy but again - what does it offer to me in terms of useable functionality that I can't already do on a remote? That stuff didn't click with me with the current Kinect unit and I doubt it will do much to win me over in this next generation.

The total and complete lack of focus on actual games was depressing. I understand the plan is for E3 to focus on upcoming games but you're revealing a game console - it would behoove you to show a little balance. To give the gamer something to chew on outside of fantasy NBA integration because in the end we are the people that are going to be the early adopter on this product.

I'm sure I'm in the minority in saying I like the design. Yeah, it's bulky but it's simple and I'm good with that. The controller looks nice as well. I really hope Microsoft knocks it out of the park at the E3. In the end, I'll likely own all of these consoles but which I buy first this holiday season will depend on greatly on the games that excite me at launch and right now Sony has done a better job enticing me.

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Oh & on the online connection, again from that Wired article:

Wired's feature says that Xbox One's always-on internet connection rumors were not unfounded, but not as draconian as gamers feared. Developers will have the option to create games that use Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service, which Wired postulates could be done to offload certain computing tasks in the cloud rather than processing them on the console. In this instance, the Xbox One would require a connection to the internet – even during single-player experiences.


Microsoft says this is not a requirement for developers that wish to create offline experiences; however, Microsoft's Marc Whitten told Wired they "hope" developers utilize the tools. The Xbox One's sometimes needs to be on connection could evolve, throughout the generation, as an always-on machine.


Update: In a post answering "top questions" about the Xbox One, the official Microsoft page notes the system "does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet." Additionally Microsoft notes that in the case of pre-owned software, the Xbox one is designed "to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We'll have more details to share later." The Q&A makes no mention of the fees confirmed by Microsoft to Wired.

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