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Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

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Just talked to my friend who manages the Gamestop I go to. 30 Xbones including extras. He had 130 PS4's. That's a massive difference.



A lot of places online I've seen them mention shipments around 1/3 of what they got with Sony.  Joys of world wide launch vs. territory specific launches.

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Holy Fucking Shit! Look at this message I just got on Twitter from the official Xbox account:     I guess I made the right move by not buying Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order yet, huh

This is fantastic to see:       PC compatible too of course.  

Well Amazon delivered a day early and my X is sitting boxed in its X box box in the corner. I wasn’t prepared for this at all as I’m trying to press on with God of War. I’ll make some time later to ge

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I now firmly believe that great UI video they put out was all cooked. The IGN demo was terrible and even Polygon went to using the controller to navigate in their live stream.


I'm sure it helped that they had it in a highly controlled environment with two well-rehearsed presenters. And hey, if something didn't work perfectly, it's an easy matter of editing the video to look like it did. Put the thing in real world settings with normal people in their busy and noisy homes and we'll see how well it really works.


Like I said earlier, if Kinect's voice control doesn't work perfectly almost all of the time, people are going to give up on it. Get ready for lots more YouTube videos like Gerstmann's,

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Like I said earlier, if Kinect's voice control doesn't work perfectly almost all of the time, people are going to give up on it. 


Agree completely. The tragedy there if you want to call it that is that Microsoft will undoubtedly improve the UI, voice recognition as time goes on but in my personal opinion this is one of those features where if it doesn't hook someone right off the bat and make its case for WHY the console should remain your primary control device for your living room - it's not going to be revisited.

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Wow.  Just imagine if Microsoft had launched the system they wanted to take to retail.  They couldn't even get Kinect, their primary differentiator, right.  How would they have ever managed to get all the DRM and digital stuff finished on time?  


I seriously wonder if the clusterfuck to this point will turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg.  Certainly, lots of companies have released unfinished products to market but in the iPhone era Apple has sort of upped the consumer expectation for things that work.  This isn't going to go over well.  Even Xbox fanboys will cry foul if Microsoft doesn't release massive patches and get this shit right. 

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If you missed the launch event, here's the only thing of consequence you missed:




A couple of seconds of Quantum Brake gameplay (which looks pretty great)


The rest of it mirrored Microsoft's E3's a couple of years ago with Usher performing (this year it was Macklemore) and a parade of pretty celebrities. Except remove any semblance of game announcements outside of some DLC stuff here and there and oh yeah, Titanfall is going to be at the VGX show.

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Been using it for a while now, and I'm very impressed. There's a lot of content and tutorials to look at, and everything has been flawless, including voice commands and TV. However, it's tough so far to always remember the correct phrasing, since it has to be exact. Will post more in a while. Doing nothing else the next 3 days.


Crowds were very light locally, FWIW.

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Do we need a PC Games thread for this? Sounds like a good idea, but hey.



I don't mean to derail this thread with this rant.  But it is relevant.  I am trying to figure out when and what my next-generation entry is going to be.  And there is no greater next-gen game on the horizon than the next Elder Scrolls game.  And I think I just discovered that the experience will be WAY better on the PC.  So that being the case, and TItanfall coming out on the PC, along with all the major third-party games, am I crazy to be considering the abandonment of Sony and Microsoft?


OK.  Fine.  To be fair, the game froze 3 times during my first play-through.  And I got warning messages during the install.  PCs have their downsides.  But did I mention ZERO load time.  I am a huge advocate of couch gaming.  But dropping load times from (seriously) 20-30 seconds to zero makes the prospect of playing the console version unbearable.  And this game could freeze every 5 minutes, and it would be far less a disruption than 20-30 seconds load/save times at every door.


Fallout 3 is a buggy mess at times, yes. Apparently New Vegas is much better in that regard. 


To be fair, those games aren't exactly running on new tech. Newer games with larger textures, worlds, etc are going to take longer to load regardless. And even on PC, Skyrim plays far better with a controller for me so I wasn't bound to the keyboard. Especially when I think of all the time I put into it on 360 before I moved my save to PC. But when you compare even a moderate PC to 8 year old consoles, it just isn't really a fair comparison. There are definitely a few more hassles, as you mentioned, when you move to the PC side. Keeping up with drivers and sometimes trouble shooting games that won't even load. That happened to me recently trying to get Arkham Asylum to run, I got it cheap for PC. It was a totally oddball issue surrounding the fact that I moved my default documents folder and the game would crash as soon as I tried to run it. If you can deal with things like that, and they mostly surround older games, then PC is a good way to go.


I moved my documents folder too, but I left a Junction Point in the default location for things like this that assume you haven't - you might want to do the same. AA and Skyrim on the wireless 360 pad, with the PC plugged into the telly over HDMI and some mods applied to the latter to make it look its best are my new Next Gen.


And that's with it still being my old PC with a CPU from 2008, not the i5 machine I built last night to perform Lightroom duties (I was watching An Adventure In Space And Time, rather than installing an OS on it).

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The drive sounds its eating the disc alive. Ewww. 


Still, I can't wait for the internet fervor that claims a 20% systemic failure rate when its likely just a similar situation to the PS4.


Yep, these issues seem to be popping up more often than ever but that's because the internet and youtube is also more prevalent than ever. Information gets out much faster but I'm sure failure rates are much better than they were in the past.

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Can I put an ssd in an xbone?


no, I don't think they have the capability.



The Xbox One doesn’t officially support user-upgraded hard drives, but if you are careful enough, you can pull it off. You have three choices of storage device, though, all of which vary in price, capacity, and speed, so you have to find a happy medium.

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