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PC Help: DVD-RAM drive doesn't work

Chris The Rock

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I have a Matshita (Panasonic) DVD-RAM drive that came with my Gateway 700XL PC.


At some point (I don't know when), I started having problems with it. I would click on the shortcut for the drive, and it would not work, giving me a "shortcut is invalid" message. If pre-recorded media were inserted in the drive, a simple visit to "My Computer" and a double-click on the icon would open the explorer window and everything worked fine.


Any pre-recorded media works fine, data, DVD Movies, CD's or anything else.


My problem has been that when I insert a blank CD-R, RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW into the drive, it will not recognize the disc as valid media.


I am stumped. I started my career as a call-taking tech support techinican (although I was a software specialist, not hardware) - so I know the basic steps of troubleshooting. I have done the following :

  • Un-and Re-installed the drive multiple times
  • Installed new drivers for the drive
  • Flashed the latest firmware for the drive
  • Physically disconnected the cables (in the case) and re-connected them
  • Re-installed WinXP home (over itself)
  • Checked every online resource I could think of, including Gateway, Matshita(panasonic), and numerous forums.

One other thing that happens, is that if blank media is inserted and I go to My Computer and double click the icon for the DVD-RAM drive, I get "D:\ is not accessible - Invalid function". I have researched this error - and found that this could be caused by Roxio Easy CD Creator - which I formerly had on my PC, but have since uninstalled. Any chance there are some registry elements that are still hanging around?


Any gurus out there who've seen this before? Anything I've missed - short of trying the drive out in another PC to see if it is fully functional, or formatting and reinstalling Windows.


I fully understand that probably noone on this forum will be able to help, but it helped me just to get it all out. I've copied this to a text file so that I can paste it to other forums.


PEACE (on earth, goodwill toward men)


Chris the Rock


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