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Disneyland/World and Universal parks discussion thread (where the magic never ends... until a ride you loved is knocked down and replaced with something lame)

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The ride itself looks a bit lame in some respects, but the Firehouse section of the queue is perfect I think.


Something like that, but more sophisticated, in Florida would be great. Tear down that silly rollercoaster that has nothing to do with anything, rip Fallon out of that building and return the GB's to their rightful place I say. :)


I'm surprised how little Universal trade off Nostalgia outside of merchandise and Horror Nights. As I think I've said before, they seemed to have removed existing attractions like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Jaws just before the nostalgia boom and I wonder if they regret it to some extent (BTTF would have always needed revisiting as the existing ride movie was unquestionably dated. Removing Jaws was probably a bigger tragedy in the grand scheme of things, though it was expensive to run on that old 90s tech).

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My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot.  Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island

Galaxy’s Edge is very impressive, but I would say that many of the criticisms of it are justified. It looks great, and has an amazing level of detail, but it can feel a bit sparse and feels like there

We leave for Florida on Wednesday. We're spending two days at Disneyworld and going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I believe.  My wife was in charge of doing that part. I haven't been to Florida in 15 ye

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Early reviews of Hagrid’s from cast previews and the media event seem overwhelmingly positive. 


It does look like a lot of fun. A great mix of a low to the ground multi launch coaster and dark ride elements. 



Universal was reporting a 10 hour wait at some point today. 

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1 hour ago, dienekes96 said:

3 minute ride plus likely low ride capacity.  Looks amazing, though.


It’s actually well designed for high capacity, they’ve just been having teething problems with some of the trains apparently (audio related) so only about three are running right now. They can definitely run five, and I’ve read as many as seven if required. Each has 14 riders per train, and the loading bay is a constantly moving conveyor belt.

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38 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:

Absolutely appalled to read the cinema on Main St at Disneyland has now been turned into another merchandise location. 😩


I actually loaded up Disneyland Adventures last night from Gamepass, just to check out their version of Disneyland.  I can't really tell if the Main St windows are all there, but they do have the light on in Walt's apartment, which is a nice touch. 

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It's been a long time since our last Cedar Point trip (2007 I think), so we're due for another visit.  Once the kids are up for it, I think we'll do a family trip down. 


I think that Steel Vengeance is on the old Mean Streak track (at least partially), and I've heard that it's several minutes long.  Definitely looking forward to checking that out.  There are at least three new coasters there that I haven't been on yet. 


Speaking of new coasters though, I got to try out the new B&M dive coaster at Canada's Wonderland this weekend.  Very cool ride (and taller than the version at CP) that I was glad that my 7 year old was just tall enough for (maybe even half an inch too short, but close enough to get a wristband). 

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I really wonder whether the Hagrid crowds are an indication of similar chaos that might take over Florida Galaxy’s Edge. It’ll be interesting to see what different measures Disney try to take.



For some reason I was thinking Florida GE was getting pre-booked timed entry but it’s actually just going to extra extra magic hour free for all (which I guess is the only practical option given how it differs as a global holiday destination compared to Disneyland).

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