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Disneyland/World and Universal parks discussion thread (where the magic never ends... until a ride you loved is knocked down and replaced with something lame)

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My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot.  Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island

Galaxy’s Edge is very impressive, but I would say that many of the criticisms of it are justified. It looks great, and has an amazing level of detail, but it can feel a bit sparse and feels like there

Galaxy's edge might be a ways away, but if you're anywhere near one of their locations, go give the Secrets of the Empire VR experience a try at the Void.  They have a location at downtown disney, but

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The ride is gorgeous, the Animatronics are amazing and the trackless vehicles really show off how the ride experience is different than a tracked one, where you enter a room, see the whole scene and then leave, unlike the classic fantasyland rides or even The Little Mermaid, where you catch a bit of a scene on your way by. 

Unfortunately it is a stripped down retelling of the story from the movie, and suffers a bit because of it. Compare this to Mickeys Runaway Railway, which is very similar is a number of ways, and I think Mickey comes out on top as it is an original idea and story and even features original music. It can make the ride just that much more memorable and special since it’s not just memberberries.


Yes this ride will be popular, but will probably be a bit of a hollow experience (much like Little Mermaid), and highlights how just basing something on a popular IP is not really enough. Original ideas and stories carry a lot of weight too, unfortunately they are a bit riskier. 

And I am not saying the a Beauty and the Beast ride should have been anything other than retelling the story and having most of the music that people love, that would have been a disaster. If anything, maybe I’m saying that this ride doesn’t need to exist. 

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I never tire of hearing Disney songs in other languages. The fluidity of even the smaller animatronics, like all the household characters that have suddenly all appeared on the table during Be Our Guest when the vehicles spin back around, is quite brilliant.


I've always favoured the original attractions at Disney over the so called storybook attractions that just re-tell the movie (that's really why I fell so in love with it all in the 80s as I went knowing I'd see a castle and familiar characters, but there was so much more beyond that). I think I'd say that the film arguably being the pinnacle of that Disney renaissance period in the 90s justifies the ride though. Certainly there's a factor however, like Little Mermaid, where it feels like it's arrived two decades too late. The Little Mermaid Ride was conceived in the Eisner era but sat on a shelf for years. This, or something close to it, I think really should have surfaced in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland instead of the underwhelming restaurant (and awful forced perspective effect of Beast's castle) that they got. 

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Very cool-looks like more of a "standard" coaster than Hagrid from the renders, but still not sure exactly what's in the show buildings.  It really is kind of neat what they're doing with launch coasters down there.  Earlier ones seemed to just use the LIM launch as a way around having a big lift hill, but ones with multiple launches mean being able to create layouts that you couldn't get before (like this one seemingly having its biggest drop near the end of the ride). 

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5 hours ago, Graeme said:

Do we know if there has been any progress on the Nintendo land in California? I haven’t seen anything since the parks shut down (although I haven’t been looking much either). 


I did a quick search online to see if there were any new photos or video and found this:



Mario Kart building is done and they're working on a courtyard area now. There's even some coloured backdrop pieces in place which is kind of random, but they might be testing them to see how they hold up in Californian weather (though it's unusual for such things to be tested on site).


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I’m still very curious to see what Mario Kart is like in action. 4 people in a car, everyone has a wheel, so I’m curious as to what the wheel does. I really hope that it’s not just an AR version of Toy Story Mania or something. 

The dtimes article above mentions that it is a combination of AR, screens, projections and practical effects, so it should be quite the spectacle at the very least. 

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