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Disneyland/World and Universal parks discussion thread (where the magic never ends... until a ride you loved is knocked down and replaced with something lame)

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My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot.  Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island

Galaxy’s Edge is very impressive, but I would say that many of the criticisms of it are justified. It looks great, and has an amazing level of detail, but it can feel a bit sparse and feels like there

We leave for Florida on Wednesday. We're spending two days at Disneyworld and going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I believe.  My wife was in charge of doing that part. I haven't been to Florida in 15 ye

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The land looks amazing. Looks to outdo, or at the very least be on par with, the level of detail that they put into the Harry Potter lands. All those moving blocks, koopas, goombas and coins...etc. It's an absolute delight. It does seem very compact though, doesn't it? I suspect that's an issue of limited real estate available to them at Universal Japan, and I would expect Florida's to be more spaced out since it'll be homed at a park built from scratch and will attract far more guests from all over the world, but right now in the era of social distancing the layout in Japan really struck me.  

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Hopefully they designed around the different activities having big crowds.  It's definitely a problem with the interactive wands in HP, although these look like they'll probably work a little better (the wand things can be a little...finnicky).  If nothing else, there needs to be space for people to queue up to do the thing without blocking pathways. 


There looks to be a whole lot of moving stuff out in the open though, which doesn't seem like it'd bode well for florida weather.  I'm still really curious to see what the Mario Kart ride looks like, and I'm not sure even a POV recording will help given the AR elements.  I assume there'll at least be a marketing render out soon though.

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Super Nintendo World soft opened to an early crowd of guests!


New pictures (the crowds really do show up how compact it is. Surely they will indeed make Florida's more spacious?)




I particularly love the Toad meet and greet costume and how tubby he is:




It would take all my might to adhere to social distancing rules and not hug him.



Some videos:




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It seems like this is a bit of a long shot, but the boat ride/flying ride seems like a pretty cool idea. Would be neat to see something like that get made, even if it isn’t Zelda. 

Even the concept of the stage show with the moving seat sections seems interesting, but feels like something that would break down quite a bit, especially if they were getting lifted into the air. 

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