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14 Year Old Girls


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No it's not the subject line of the latest spam mail.... 14 Year Old Girls is a punk band that sings songs about video games (well mostly just video games). I first heard of them when they performed on Screen Savers earlier this year. My wife bought me their "Zombies In Robots Out" CD for Christmas and I've been enjoying it - You can tell they put their hearts into it.


Some Highlights are 1-800-255-3700 (a song about the Nintendo hotline), Animal Forest and Castlevania Punk.


if lyrics like:

grab your whip

take out your whip

shoot some holy water

on this Transylvania trip

anemic skeletones and bats

medusa heads are where it's at

we're having so much fun it's scary

we got potion from the apothecary

Drac didn't rsvp: his loss

you know how he is when he gets cross

Richter Simon Trevor Nathan

Alucard they all are here

the Belmont clan's our biggest fans

the punkest party of the year

. . .

intrigue you check them out :)


I just found that you can download a bunch of their songs free from Amazon


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