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Jurassic World Evolution (developed by Frontier. Jurassic Planet Coaster!) [PC/XB1/PS4]


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It had been rumoured for some time that a forthcoming movie licence Frontier had acquired was Jurassic Park/World, and...well...uh... there it is. Some Universal licensed content recently appeared as DLC in Planet Coaster (Back to the Future, Munsters and Knight Rider) which added weight to the JP rumours since its the same studio. It's likely to be more of a traditional sim style building and management game than than an actual Jurassic Planet Coaster, obviously. 





Jurassic World Evolution will let you create and manage your own dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar and its surrounding islands. You'll be able to bioengineer dinosaur breeds, build attractions, and maybe place toilets for people to be munched by dinos in.





Frontier's first expo takes place next month, so expect more news and hopefully gameplay footage then (Eurogamer say the game is penciled in for June).


This should be brilliant, by the way, because... Frontier.



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Full Expo panel and in-game animation reveal above. 


If you just want to see the in-game animation:




This is shaping up very nicely. Sounds like there will be hugely comprehensive management systems in place (you have to bio-engineer and send fossil teams around the world to extract DNA back at the labs, and you will have access to the five islands). The full panel video is well worth a watch.

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Polygon have a review of the game, and say it’s “exactly the park sim you want it to be”, “You can finally build a functioning Jurassic Park” and “In Jurassic World Evolution, you can finally create a Jurassic Park to be proud of.”


Sounds like it’s good and something I would like. 

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Not sure about the US, but in the UK this is very cheap for PS+ owners at the moment (£9.59 for the Deluxe Edition until Feb 3rd). I'm rather tempted, even though I feel it is better suited to a mouse and keyboard (plus I did grab it for free from the recent Epic Game Store offering, but who knows when I'll ever have a PC again).

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