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Mega Man 11 Coming Late 2018 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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Both Mega Man 11 and the X Collections have sold well. Nearly 1 million units for both.




They also released some numbers. 11 sold 870k and the X collections 920k. These are cumulative sales across all platforms.


This bodes well as I'm ready to put down some more money for MM 12. I enjoyed 11 immensely.

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I finally got around to this. I beat it over the weekend on Xbox One. Overall, I liked it. Here are some random thoughts for your reading pleasure.


I love the visual style of this game. It looks like a cel-shaded cartoon, which is just what I want from this series. When I was a kid, I would dream about what video games would look like in the future. Mega Man 11 is how I imagined games would look one day. As much as I enjoyed the retro 8-bit aesthetic of Mega Man 9 and 10, I'm glad that Capcom went for a modern look this time.


The soundtrack was largely forgettable, unfortunately. I didn't walk away from it with any of the songs stuck in my head. The Mega Man series had some of the best music of the 8-bit era, and it's a shame that Mega Man 11 doesn't carry on that tradition.


I played on Normal difficulty and found it to be just the right challenge -- hard, but not impossible. Sure, some levels can seem impossible and unfair at first. The more you play them though, the better you get. It always felt satisfying to get a little further each time, figure out what you did wrong, and improve. Some stages definitely felt and lot more difficult than others (I'm looking at you, Bounce Man).


That said, the game definitely got easier toward the end. Part of it was that I was able to stock up on extra lives as well as E, W, and M tanks. Once you can buy the Bolt Catcher in Dr. Light's shop, do it and equip it. You wind up with more Bolts than you know what to do with. I went from hovering around the 1,000-bolt mark to having well over 4,000 after a single level.


I was surprised by how abruptly the game came to an end. After you defeat the eight robot masters, you get two full-length levels in Dr. Wily's castle. Then the third stage is the final boss rush, followed by the fourth stage, which is just the showdown against Dr. Wily himself. There's not even a hidden fifth stage where you fight Wily again (for real this time). I was all at once happy that the battle was over, yet sad that was it. I expected just a bit more.


I have mixed feelings about the Double Gear system. I found the Power Gear to be mostly useless while the Speed Gear came in handy throughout the game. In some ways, I do think it became a crutch for the developers, who designed the levels and boss fights around it. I'm all for Capcom trying new things to freshen up the Mega Man formula, but I would not miss the Gear System if it were not included in Mega Man 12.


Bring on the sequel, Capcom! I need to fight for ever-lasting peace!


EDIT: This news was reported a while ago, but Mega Man 11 has sold over 1 million units now, according to Capcom (currently number 89 on the list).

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I don’t agree on the music. I find myself humming the fuse man level music at times and the overall game soundtrack is on rotation on my long car drives for work trips. I think it’s a bit underrated, frankly.

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