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Gamefly Frustration


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Work is slow today and this could be of some interest to Gamefly members here so I figured I would share this ongoing annoying saga.




I have been using Gamefly for several months now and have been really enjoying it. They have been very good about having things in stock and have always recommend them highly


Pray you don't wind up with an extra copy of a game.



About a month ago I sent two games back to them simultaneously. A few days later I get the "We've Received" emails for both of the games and shortly after that two shipment notifications for the next two games in my queue (Mario Kart and FFX2).


A few days later MK shows up but no FFX2. I wait a four more days and nothing. I send them a message and happily get the following (Names are removed).


Dear Chris,


Our apologies that the game never arrived. I'll have a replacement copy sent out ASAP. If that game is currently unavailable, you may receive the next available game in your Q. In the event that you receive both the original copy and the replacement copy, just drop the extra one right back in the mail to us.


Thank you.



That's good support right there.


Sure enough the next day the original FFX2 shows up. I hadn't gotten any shipment confirmation of the replacement one yet so I email them to try to stop it. Time passes, the next game in my queue ships and then I get the following:



Dear Chris,


If you could just send one back.


Thank you.



Ok sure. I get the replacement a few days later and send it back.


I get the message that they received it.... and it states they will send the next one in my queue shortly.


I reply trying to stop them but it's too late they ship me the next one and they reply several days later:


Dear Chris,


I apologize for my late response. It appears from notes in your account,

this matter has been resolved and the game returned.



Kind Regards,




This exact thing goes on for a few more game returns - I keep on explaining the whole thing in greater and greater detail (and smaller and smaller words) every time.


So then this morning I get their latest reply:


Dear Chris,


I apologize for my late reply. It appears, according to our records, this issue has been resolved - although the lost copy of, " Final Fantasy X-2 " is not indicated as returned in our records. You currently have, "Fatal Frame 2, Armed and Dangerous, and Jedi Academy" currently out.


Kind Regards,




So it is resolved but they aren't showing as received in their records.


I reply asking if each game has a unique number and suggest that it could be they were looking for the original one but I sent back the replacement (the e-mail from them said just send one back). I ask what do I need to do to get things straightened out - even suggesting putting ffx2 on the top of my queue and sending it and another game back simultaneously.


In response I get the following:


Dear Chris,


I apologize for the confusion. I am a bit baffled why you wouldn't feel

compelled to return the copy of FFX-2 back that was finally received.


As per your terms of service, you will get the games in your Q when we

receive the games you currently have out. An e-mail indicating that you

are returning the games will not serve as a replacement to this

requirement - they actually must be received and checked in. This is the

reason we have indicate your issue is resolved.



So now they think I've stolen FFX2 and am e-mailing them to send the next game on my list.... but everything is resolved.




I just asked if there was someone else I could talk to.


Does this story make sense to anyone else out there? I don't see what is causing quite this much confusion with their support but I'm nearing the last straw.

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It appears from notes in your account,

this matter has been resolved and the game returned.


although the lost copy of, " Final Fantasy X-2 " is not indicated as returned in our records.


1) They say they received it and then say they didn't?

2) Do you still have a copy of FFX2?


You currently have, "Fatal Frame 2


You're a brave man ;)

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I still have the original copy of FFX2.


I'm not sure exactly what they mean myself. They say they have received one (which is correct) which prompted them to send the next one on the list (which they should not have done).


They didn't answer my question about unique IDs for each game (the "Lost copy" comment makes me think there is). If there is I bet they were expecting the first one I received back instead of the replacement (though they never specified that).


Now I'm just trying to get them to not send me a replacement game and put FFX2 back on my games out list.




Haven't had Fatal Frame 2 in yet (played a bit of the first one and enjoyed it - but had to keep the lights on).

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