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'Tis the season for giving and I have a bunch of (US) digital movie codes you can have for free

Angry the Clown

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I typically flip my itunes/Ultraviolet codes that I get with discs on eBay, but I have a bunch from Blu-rays and UltraHD discs that I have imported from the US which I'm offering up to those of you in the States as the downloads are usually region specific so are of little use to me when it comes to selling them on this side of the pond. *edit* As Joey noted below, even the ones not explicitly advertised as being itunes compatible should in fact work with iTunes if you use Movies Anywhere.


Since I hate love you all so much, please take your pick and post below. I will PM you the codes. 



An American Tail  (itunes compatible)


The Avengers

Baby Driver

Bram Stoker's Dracula


Bridge on the River Kwai

Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Die Hard



Ferngully: The Last Rainforest 

The Fifth Element


John Wick (itunes compatible)

John Wick 2  (itunes compatible)

Land Before Time  (itunes compatible)


The Little Mermaid

Logan Lucky

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 2

Mission Impossible 3 (x2)

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation


The Mummy (1999)  (itunes compatible)

The Peanuts Movie (itunes compatible)

Peanuts Holiday Collection

The Post

Saving Private Ryan

Schindler's List

The Shape of Water

Starship Troopers

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Let's start by limiting it to 2 titles per person. If any are lingering around after a period of time then those who've previously requested codes will have the opportunity to come back for more.  


I am expecting a few more movies from the US that have shipped out to me so I will be able to add to this list in the coming weeks when they arrive. 




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3 minutes ago, JoeyN said:

Some may be only UV to redeem, but because of movies anywhere they will show up in iTunes when account are linked. Close Encounters and other Fox titles do.


That's great. Movie's Anywhere does not exist in the UK. No idea if they plan to bring it over. We're stuck with UV and iTunes individually here for now.

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It really overcomes one of my gripes about digital downloads in that they we’ve traditionally been bound to one price on one platform, whereas now you can potentially find a beter price via one platform and still watch it on another. I really hope it comes to the UK.


Shame such a thing does not exist for music. 

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