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'Tis the season for giving and I have a bunch of (US) digital movie codes you can have for free

Angry the Clown

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I have a code for Ferngully: The Last Rainforest if anyone would like it. Cute animated film that I’ve not seen in many years and had no idea there was a Blu-ray available in the US. 


I’ve got three US UHD discs on their way to me and should have them in 10-14 days, so I’ll give away the codes once they arrive.  

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OK, my expected three UHDs arrived this morning so I have US codes to give away for:


The Avengers

The Little Mermaid

Schindler’s List


Will accept one code request per person at this time. If something is still floating around after a week or so I’ll allow second helpings.


Ferngully code still available too btw.

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Field of Dreams UHD arrived this morning so I have the MoviesAnywhere code to give away.


First dibs available to those who haven’t had a code from me so far in 2019. If no takers after a week then I’ll offer it up to anyone (please don’t jump the queue by putting your name down now in the event of my having no takers before next weekend. I’ll post again if it’s still available).


I’m due another seven discs in the coming weeks as I placed a big bumper Birthday order of import UHD’s the other day, six of which actually form two trilogies so I haven’t decided how to offer those yet (as individuals or 3 codes together).



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