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Offical Post What You Got For the Holidays


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Well tonight as tradition my wife and I exchanged gifts, all though we do swap a gift here and there leading up to the holiday :) So without further ado from her I got:


Pelican System Selector Pro(Silver Color) - Finally I get to see what all the raving was about! I must say it is a high quality unit, especially considering the price.

Alien Quadrilogy - I opened this last weekend, best box set ever!(IMHO)

Prince of Persia (Xbox) - Opened this a while ago also, such a great game.

Grand Theft Auto Double Pack (Xbox) - She surprised me with this one as it wasn't on my list, looking forward to seeing the "Xbox Difference".

2 Polo Shirts - New work clothes....boring!

Copper Dachshund Statue - A dachshund cut out of copper by a local artist, very nice.

Dachshund Iron Mudscrapper - I had no clue what it was, pretty neat though.


That was it for tonight, tomorrow we head off to my mom and dads and I will update then what I got.


In case any of you were wondering I got my wife:

Aphex Twin 26 Mixes for Cash CD

Ladytron Softcore Jukebox CD

Siousxie and the Banshees DVD

Erasure Hits DVD

Depeche Mode 101 DVD

Pink Floyd The Wall DVD

some clothes from Express

Sennheiser HD 280 Professional Headphones

The remaining Ulala Action Figure that she was missing

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My girlfriend got me a (SWEET!) cobalt blue GBA SP bundle which includes: a bag, a magnifying screen, a lens cleaner, a USB cable (to recharge off your PC) and Tiger Woods golf. Along with D.K. Country, LoZ: A Link to the Past and Arcade Advanced. I think I'm in LOVE... :P Oh, yeah, my girlfriend's nice too. ;)

BTW, I got her a nice Fendi handbag and some cold, hard cash (the gift that keeps on giving).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Well, since EB Games shows when things have been purchased, these are the items I know I'm getting.


Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Link Cable

Mario Kart Double Dash

Pac-Man World 2 Player's Choice Bundle

Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

Ratchet & Clank

Armed & Dangerous

Links 2004

Midway Arcade Treasures

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Deus Ex: Invisible War

Xbox Music Mixer (That's right, RSGH's will never be the same again :lol: )


I'll find out tomorrow what else Santa has for me :green:

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From a bunch of close family & friends (but nothing from my wife yet, that comes tomorrow):


"Monkey Bar" sweatshirt

Matrix 2 DVD

Lots of B&N gift certs, which is what I needed.

A big bottle of Crown Royal & two funky glasses.


I like what I've go so far :) I never get much that's game related as I've apparently "got everything".

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Thus far from Family and friends:


Buffy Season 5

Alien Quadrilogy

A new microwave (which I needed)

Tons of new clothes including much needed workout attire

2 Superfriends DVD's (Both volume 1 and 2)

I-Ninja (Xbox)

Mission Impossible (Xbox)

about 300 in cash as well.


Thus far, Christmas has been good to me. :D

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For X-mas and my birthday I have got


Lots of bestbuy gift cards and cash

Deep Space Nine Seasons 6 and 7

Alien Quadrilogy

RCA Wireless Headphones(These things are awesome)

A M&M candy dispenser with lots of candy. -Its a tradition for some reason

A Team USA Hockey Hat




Plan on getting a DVD burner and a bunch of other things with the gift cards/cash



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Endless streams of clothing for my hospital rotations so I don't look like a degenerate. At least not one who wears jeans anyway ;). And a nice wristwatch, which I feel is an attempt to stop me from wearing my pocket watch all the damn time.


My girlfriend gave me a copy of Viewtiful Joe, bless her heart, but I knew that last week when we exchanged.


My cousin gave me a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for the Cube, which I'm sure I don't have to describe the awesomeness of. Now I just need RE2 & RE3 to fall to budget pricing and I can have the whole set on the Cube with Control-C ;).


Otherwise it was cash from my relatives and gift certificates from friends. A very satisfactory Christmas, but not much to list off due to its currency nature ;).


I actually talked my gf out of getting me a GBA-SP because I felt she was overspending. What was I on?

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I got:

An iPod (20gb) and Alias season 2 DVD from wifey.


A leather mid-back massage office chair and The Ultimate Carson collection on DVD from mom.


The JBL Creature speaker set from my cousin. (As soon as I connected them to my iBook, I realized my audio jack is damaged. Off to apple store I go with the iBook.)


The Family Guy V2 DVD, Two Towers Extended Edition DVD and the Stone Cold Truth book from my sister-in-law.


My brother's doing his shopping for us tomorrow when we all go to the mall so I get to pick what I want. He offered to get the x-box for me but i told him that's what i was planning to get myself.


My 17yo got:

Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence, Final Fantasy X-2, X-Box Music Maker, Medal Of Honor: Frontline (XB), Dead To Rights (XB), clothes and 2 Yankees Caps.


My 6yo got:

Hot Wheels World Race (GC), DragonBall Z (GC), TMNT (GC), TMNT (GBA), Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3), American Idol Karaoke machine and countless other toys.


Got my wife the Samsung E715 cell phone and gift cards to H&M, Express and Forever 21 clothing stores.


Got my brother the Motorola V300 cell phone.


Got my mom a Hoover vacuum cleaner and some perfume.


Got my cousin a Land's End coat and some Timberland boots.


Got my sister-in-law clothes.


An expensive holiday season. :)

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Well at my mom and dads I got:


Black Microfiber Scottevest version 3.0 - I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep it, while I appreciate the fact that it has so many pockets, its just not very thick and that $200 could really put a dent into the new TV fund.

Indiana Jones DVD Box Set - It's been a long hard wait.

28 Days Later - A total surprise purchase by my mom, she knows I love horror. This was just one of those disc that I never got around to buying.

Prince of Persia (Xbox) - A duplicate buy from both my wife and mom, going to take this one back so I can come even closer to new TV land.

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I got the usual assortment of underwear and clothes, a watch, a knife(my father is a knife nut and gets my brother and myself a new one every year) and about $475 in cash(I always ask for money). On a side note, I got my sister that Scarface special edition with the money clip, lobby cards etc. I didn't want to give it to her, I may have to spend some of that cash and get one for myself.

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Well, to finish out my Xmas, I got All 5 Harry Potter books from my wife. (I've read them all, but I was always reading a borrowed copy.)


Also, I got a good deal in gift certs to my favorite hockey shop in Madison. That way I can buy a new Islanders jersey, and a new face shield for my helmet.


Now I get to go out shopping for all of the items that I put on my list that didn't find their way to me. :)



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