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Idiot's guide to PS2 online?


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Hey guys. Sorry to clog up your board with a complete newbie topic, but my nephew has been driving me absolutely batty to get me to hook his PS2 up online. I don't own a PS2 and I know exactly jack squat about them...can someone just give me a quick rundown of the things he will need? The house he is in has a cable modem but he doesn't have wired access to it. So basically I'm assuming he needs some kind of wireless router and then whatever the PS2 requires to get online? An adaptor or something?


Again sorry for the dopey question. Any help would be appreciated!

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Pretty Easy


You need

a PS2

A PS2 Network adapter


then you need either


1- A Wired Router and a extra network cable


2-A wireless Router and a wireless game adapater


Linksys makes both types of routers and the game adapter and they work great.


Plug the network adapter into the ps2 expansion slot, hook up the router(and if needed the game adapter). Pop in the Network disc which comes with the adapater and you go through the setup.



Its fairly simple. once you get everything hooked up. Only takes a few minutes



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