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The Retro Gaming bug

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1 hour ago, Sparkz said:

Good news for retro gamers...


TV manufacturers revert to SD and HD displays


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The article was the first thing that popped up in my news feed this morning and had me going for a bit before I realized what day it was


I’ve wondered if there would be any sort of market for a TV that caters to this. There is no reason that they couldn’t incorporate tech like the Retrotink, OSSC or Framemeister into a TV and design them in a way that eliminates lag as much as possible. 

The biggest issues with modern TVs seem to be the lag introduced with processing, not handling 240p resolutions properly (which most consoles up to Dreamcast are using), and to a lesser extent handling switches in resolution. There is no reason a TV couldn’t be designed to handle this properly but still be a good TV for modern games and movies. 

Or, is there any chance that someone tries to bring back CRTs?


It would be cool to see someone try but I can’t imagine the market would be big enough. You’re pretty much only catering to retro gamers, and then, only retro gamers that care enough to invest in something like this (who have probably already invested in some sort of equipment already). Still, it would be cool to have 1 device to do it all. 

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Gutted the Retro setup and wire managed the fuck out it where I could. Those who have been to my place and checked out the setup knows that there was a rats nest of wires hanging behind the furniture.

To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting,  everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy

So, I’ve been working on redoing the Retro setup. Primarily the CRT side of the equation. Though, I needed a better way to manage my video chain. So with that, enter the Crosspoint 8x8 commercial grad

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17 minutes ago, Graeme said:

Or, is there any chance that someone tries to bring back CRTs?


Probably a small market is out there, but I imagine the costs to get manufacturing up and running for something like this would outpace demand unless the pricing is prohibitive, which then again limits the market. There are still some in production for things like medical equipment and lighting, but I'm not sure how that'd scale. Interesting question, though, especially given the continued interest in things like tube amps and turntables.


I also would guess there are still enough CRTs on the collector market to satisfy demand...?

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The market is too small and the manufacturing would far outpace the cost of any demand.

I think we abandoned CRT's too quickly in favor of LCD's which were nowhere near up to the task of producing the type of image that could compete and I would argue have only recently gotten to the point where they are acceptable but its still a very small base of users that would:


1. Spend the type of money to cover the cost of new manufacturing.

2. Produce the space necessary to house a large CRT. Those fuckers are big and HEAVY.

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14 minutes ago, Graeme said:

I assume you’re probably already aware of this, but there is a new update for the PS1Digital that adds a 1200p resolution. 



Yep. Though I've had a bit of sojourn with my PS1Digital that thankfully didn't end in misery (though it started that way!)


Days into using it, I went to change the clock settings to test the resolution switch on Silent Hill and when I exited and saved from the OSD, I was getting artifacting so I rebooted. It came up fine but then immediately killed all colors except for red. I rebooted again and it booted up correctly but in a strange interlaced mode with a ton of flicker. I couldn't get the OSD menu to come up, I couldn't force VGA mode, nothing. It was just stuck there. The analog output worked without issue telling me the GPU was likely good.


After some testing with a multimeter to verify the solder points, everything checked out so I posted on their official forum and to get a little help and unfortunately that didn't go much of anywhere. So, I contacted the gentleman who did my install and he was very understanding that the issue was likely not with his install but he agreed to test it for me to see if a capacity had failed. During all of this, some more PS1Digital units went on sale so I bought an extra just in case.


After evaluating the system, he confirmed what I thought - the PS1Digital was the culprit and was defective. He had a spare unit he keeps for testing and installed it into my PSX and it worked without issue. I sent him the new PS1Digital I had received and asked him to do the install again and to send me the back the defective unit so I could hit up Dan Kunz on twitter to get something done with him to make me whole. My installer already has a direct line to Dan and sent the unit back to him for evaluation so he asked if I was good with him keeping the unit and he would do the installation for free of the new one. Worked for me since it made me whole anyways and he also did a full recap of the Playstation motherboard and PSU for good measure to make sure nothing there would affect the new unit.

The replacement unit unit should be here by Saturday at which point, I'll install the new firmware and try it out. It's likely very useful for some of the oddball resolutions that PSX games use.

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Also, anyone looking for a quality ODE for the Saturn that doesn't want to spend MODE money and has a 21 pin Saturn, Castlemania Games just started stocking the Fenrir which is very easy to install:




It is by far the cheapest ODE solution for the system and while its more barebones on the feature set side, the compatibility is great and for the money, its a damned good solution.



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