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The Retro Gaming bug

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Gutted the Retro setup and wire managed the fuck out it where I could. Those who have been to my place and checked out the setup knows that there was a rats nest of wires hanging behind the furniture.

To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting,  everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy

So I won this on EBay for $200. It’s the 14L5 PVM. It’s multiformat so it can do up to 1080i. Specifically, it’s lovely for 480p titles. It’s bigger brother, the 20L5 is one of the most sought after P

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I posted shots of the Saturn MODE install I had done a few weeks back along with the add-on of the power board from Mobius Tech. I wanted to do one last thing which was to swap out the 3D printed mounting bracket that Stone Age Gamer had sent and replace it with the far more useful one from Laserbear.net. The one I was using forced me to use kapton tape to hold the SSD down and it leaves a blank space where the optical drive was. No good. It also means having to reset the console back to the MODE menu to “swap discs” and having to take the Saturn apart to access the SD card slot to update firmware. This new bracket isn’t cheap at $40 but worth it in the end. I finished the install today:







No more kapton tape to hold the drive. No more ugly hole where the optical drive was. No more taking the thing apart to access the SD card slot and now I can use the plastic buttons when I open the lid to to trigger a disc swap as long as I load the disc order from the MODE menu.

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Incredible piece of video scaling tech from Mike Chi here:



Polyphase integer scaling, seamless 240p/480i switching, 240p downscaling and support for just about every input and new motion adaptive signal handling for 480i titles.. The OSSC and Framemeister just became dinosaurs.

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Ugh. I found out about this practically a day after I got my 2X, but wasn’t sure when it was coming out. Although it’s more than I’d probably want to spend, I might have tried to justify it. 

Can’t wait to find out more about what it can do. 

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That'd be fun to see. My SNES is still in pretty good shape. It has yellowed slightly, but nothing to the extent like my Dreamcast which looks hideous.


Still wishing I could follow you down the path with a lot of these mods. I'm still longing for a day I can afford a bunch of Analogue's systems before they all disappear for good too. :(  I've been watching a lot of retro stuff on Youtube and it's left me terribly nostalgic, and with my old systems in storage it would be nice to breathe new life into them. 


I really can't consider accumulating more hardware or games, but I'm certainly curious about modifying the old hardware I already have. Of particular interest are the mods for the Saturn and Playstation. My Playstation's laser was problematic by the late 90s, so it will be no better (and perhaps worse) were I to power it up today, so the internal SD mod and HDMI mod is certainly very intriguing to me. Similarly, the Saturn I have is limited in being a PAL system and I've only a handful of games so it would be interesting to mod it to actually get something more out of it.


I should start small by getting a battery door for my original Gameboy though for a hefty £3 on eBay :)  ...and perhaps buying a screen mod kit for it which doesn't seem too difficult to do myself (although I think something like the IPS screen mod requires one soldering job as you get a new display PCB with those kits, so were I to go that route I'd probably have to have done for me as I'm too clumsy to risk it myself). 


I still don't know where my Gamecube is (I have all my games still), or whether the bulk of my Gameboy collection is lost forever. If my GB carts are indeed lost I should perhaps consider one of those Everdrive cartridges that can hold everything (they are painfully expensive at £130 though)  I'd be so happy to find my originals again.  

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