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3 minutes ago, JoeyN said:

There is a big difference, Friday night lights was a drama more then it was a football show.


OK. I'm not sure the difference between FNL and KK exempts KK or any show for that matter from solving the problem of maintaining the quality of a show for several seasons without stretching itself thin.  And in my experience, good shows accomplish that by developing and adding depth to the characters through subplots that are adjacent to the main thread.  Then, when the characters you love enter that main thread's dramatic moments, you'll follow them where-ever they go.


I'm not sure there is much to argue about here.  I guess I'm just hoping they evolve these characters beyond context of preparing for a Karate tournament.  Because I don't think there is enough room for characters to grow, across several seasons, in that narrow playground.

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It helps to think of it like a musical. Instead of breaking out into song, they break out into ass kicking. Same diff.     Carlos. 

I've seen about 5 episodes so far. I absolutely love it.   I have a personal / complicated relationship with the movies and now this show. I've been training in Shorei-Kan Karate for over 20

Just finished it up, very good first season. So many moments that made me feel the same way when I saw the original film as a kid. Hopefully a S2 happens very soon.

8 hours ago, foogledricks said:


What is YA?  



Young adult. Maze Runner, Twilight, etc. There's plenty of that stuff. I like the more mature angle that they've taken with this and I'd hate for it to become a "trendy" franchise, if you will, that appeals to the more YA audience with high school drama and other crap. That's even where Stranger Things went in a lot of ways and it's where I tuned out of that show. I like the darkness of this one and I hope they explore it.

I also love karate, so more of that, please.

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13 minutes ago, Josh said:

Finally finished S1. Very fun, if a bit predictable. They're clearly setting us up for a daughter-son showdown in S2, and I hope they don't take that easy route.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Anyone know when S2 might come out?

The just teased 2019 but nothing specific

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S3 on its way to a new home https://deadline.com/2020/05/cobra-kai-closing-in-new-streaming-home-youtube-release-season-3-series-netflix-hulu-1202941951/


So Sony is shopping it for a new home which looks to be Hulu or Netflix, so it would continue past S3 .YouTube wants out of the original programming business, and told Sony they would not renew it past 3.

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7 hours ago, Eldorado said:

It is seriously good. Finished it as well. I wonder how long until more  comes out since it specifically pointed out it would be “soon.”

It was renewed in October for s4, so it’s gonna be a while.

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