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Movie & TV Streaming/Digital Download Discussion Thread (iTunes, VUDU...etc)

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To answer my curiosity as to how movie and TV content gets delivered to Apple in the first place, their official documentation on the matter requires use of approved encoding houses and aggregates who

Rocky is now in 4k with Dolby Vision on iTunes.     

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The existing 4k SDR version of Home Alone on iTunes has now been updated to 4k/Dolby Vision. 


The Dolby Vision over HDR10 seems to be an indication of Disney now being fully in control of Fox Home Video as it's the flavour of HDR they stick with on streaming, and Fox as far as I know had consistently used HDR10 both on disc and streaming with the exception of Battle Angel which seemed to come at the request of Lightstorm. 


I really wish Disney and Apple would settle something so we could actually have Disney content in 4k on iTunes. I'm expecting that we'll lose all these 4k Fox titles eventually whenever Fox's contract with Apple to supply 4k content expires (who knows when that will be) unless Disney finally embrace 4k on iTunes themselves before that point.



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Joey posted it in the Apple thread but worth repeating. Disney content does now finally appear to be switching over to 4k/Dolby Vision on iTunes. Things seem to be rolling out very slowly across the US and Canada so far, and not everyone there is seeing the updates yet.




Nothing in the UK outside of the pre-orders for the live action Mulan now showing 4k/DV/Atmos.


I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that our Fox 4k purchases will be pretty safe now, and that we can continue to expect more in future (hopefully Speed and others that already have their new masters ready to roll get updated in the near future).

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