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Halloweeen Movie Series - General Discussion - Halloween Kills releases October 15th, 2021

Romier S

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So stuff moves fast. The sequel to Halloween 2018 is coming in October 2020 and will be followed by the supposed end of the series in 2021. Next years movie is called Halloween Kills and the final film is Halloween Ends.


David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are back for both. Along with the scriptwriters. The next movie will include all of the surviving cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Greer and Andi Matichak as the three Strode women.


Anthony Michael Hall has been cast as Tommy Doyle (the original kid in the first movie) and Kyle Richards is back as Lindsey from the first movie as well. Nick Castle will again don the mask for some scenes with James Jude Courtney playing Michael again.

It looks like the original Sheriff Brackett actor Charles Cypher is coming back as well!




It also looks like Haddonfield Memorial is back @Angel P!




I did not need a sequel to Halloween 2018 which I thought closed out the franchise nicely but there’s some strong casting and if there’s a worthwhile story to tell. I’m in. Worst case, I just ignore the sequels and live happily with the original and it’s true sequel from last year. :)

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I'm hoping to find the 2018 film cheap on UHD before the 31st as I'd like to see it again. As I wrote last year, my biggest gripe with it was really that I wanted the film to stay with Laurie more so I'm actually in for more, especially with Greer and Matichack returning, as I think there's a lot of good drama you can explore there with the three of them. 

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I couldn’t help myself and read the draft script for Halloween Kills. I know it’s legit cause it lines up pretty closely to the trailer. This new one is going to be divisive. Especially the ending which is super abrupt and all but requires the last movie to justify it.


Its the most brutal Myers has ever been and there’s a great deal leveraged from the 2018 film and the 1978 movie. The way it intertwines the original is super interesting and I can’t wait to see how it’s executed onscreen.

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Not as good as 2018 but I liked it. Its very much a straightforward and very tropey slasher movie and that’s both good and bad. I like some of the mythology they are building around Michael and the crowd/vigilantism stuff is well done and pays off really nicely but I could have done with far less cartoonish gore and you’ll shake your head at how fucking stupid some of these people are. A lot of my feelings about this movie are going to hinge on what they do with the third one, frankly. It feels very much incomplete…

Also, strapping Curtis to a bed for a vast majority of this was a mistake.


Having Tommy be the one to run around stirring the shit with the town doesn‘t land well because we have so little investment in him as a character outside of the nostalgia that he’s the little kid in the original. Crazy lady Laurie that the whole town knew about and who they knew she had isolated herself and was a bit of a looney/drunk and who ended up being totally right about Michael would have/should have been the better vehicle to incite the riot/town outrage. It would have been interesting to continue to explore HER obsession with Michael and how far she would go by having her be responsible for the death of the other mental patient and not Tommy.


The script I read also handled the ending much better with a great callback to Linda’s death in the original.

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