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Any thoughts on dvd recorders?

Bruce B

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Doing a little research on these and was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on what to look for and what to stay away from. I'm focusing on the Panasonic DMR E80H. I like that it has a 80 GB Hard drive and has time slip technology where you can start watching a program that is still currently being taped.

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I've got the 40 hour Panasonic DVD recorder and do enjoy it but after getting a DVD+-RW drive for my PC It has been getting used less and less (I've actually been thinking of to selling it, but keep changing my mind).


The nice thing about it is that you can do some editing editing out commercials, etc - which from what I understand won't ever be an option on the Tivo, but the nice thing about the tivo recorders is you won't lose any quality (I'm assuming).


Do you have any specific questions about it? It is a pretty straightforward box.


Quality is as good as the source material typically - when recording from Tivo I ocassionally see a honeycomb pattern in reds which I am assuming is a result of the two different compressions. From sources like LDs the DVDs turn out very, very well (one of the reasons I picked it up was for archiving my LDs in case my player gives up the ghost).


Hope this helps!

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Well, I couldnt help it. I went to the Best Buy with $125 worth of gift certificates and bought the Panny E80H that had a 80 Gb hard drive. Thus far its pretty slick. I burned my wedding VHS tape to disk, and also put Aaron Boones game winning HR on the hard drive so I can bring it up anytime and watch it over and over again. It seems like yesterday that I got my first 2 head VCR and paid about $600 for it and now its obsolete.

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