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The Division 2 - Shown at the Microsoft Press Conference

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Just did a run that didn’t provide the missing Chatterbox piece but I did score my missing True Patriot glove. 

WT2 here now and right at 300 GS. And yes, the changing missions, random encounters, variations on the control points, etc are great - I’m really impressed with their endgame content and the dynamic c

Nice! I got two more levels this morning playing in a group of 4 and then 3 doing main missions. It was fantastic, the game’s a blast in co-op.

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I got the beta installed and me and a friend goofed around in it for a few. It’s surprisingly solid for a beta and in much better shape than Anthem IMO. Graphics and frame rate are good, gameplay was all problem-free, thenserver que was nice and quick and even co-op was really good - no problems joining my friends game or him joining me and it scaled the difficulty for the 2 of us; all good. I’ll play more this weekend but, I’m pretty sold on it just based on the beta and the fun I’ve had with Division 1 :)

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I preordered, but the demo isn't in my library, and even when I went online and found a link to it (the demo wasn't in my PSN Store, either) and "bought" it, it still doesn't show up in my library, despite having received my purchase receipts.


I called Sony a couple of times, and they said they'd received a bunch of calls about the issue, but said they have nothing to do with it, and to contact Ubisoft.


Of course, they have no telephone contact number and no live chat - just email communication.


Whatever - it's disappointing because I'd love to tool around in the game for the weekend, but I know I'm buying the game, regardless.

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Played through the open beta this weekend and everything was really solid. The new mission and the changes to the endgame content were really good - can’t wait to play this one on release. Graphically it looks pretty damn great on my PC and I didn’t see any problems with weirdness like in the first beta (floating objects, popxin, etc). I did have my first crash to desktop towards the end of the endgame mission. It came after a check point and seemed like a weird spot to crash out but, it’s the only bug I’ve really had in this beta. Also, it wasn’t all that bad because I was able to log back in quickly, click on my friend and re-join the Mission in progress without any issues so that was very good. Ready for the full release now on the 15th - I preordered it but, only the standard edition; not doing Gold or Ult.

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I really liked it. They improved on the original in every meaningful way. The cover system is more responsive, the enemies are less bullet sponges, the bosses using armor is a better way to handle it, the map is more varied and interesting. Factions, settlements, end game, all of it, they have done a great job here. However, if you didn’t care for the first, this won’t change your mind. But as someone that was on the fence, I am definitely getting it now. Probably PS4.

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Played a little bit yesterday and it feels a little more polished from the betas, but there are still some issues (hopefully being addressed in a patch, soonish.)


Performance is a mixed bag on my One X.  Sometimes it's spectacular, and other times it's nearly a slideshow.  Not sure what to make of that...


The game opens a little differently from the betas, but eventually gets you back on a path you'll recognize if you played in them.  

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Incredible story I saw on reddit.  



I had just left the Theater when I noticed a group of civilians on their way to gather resources. I decided to follow them and provide support. Eventually they found a building with a sign saying "Looters Will Be Shot". The man leading the group, the only one with a gun, said, "It's too hot."

Another member of the group then noticed me and said, "We've got an agent with us!"

The leader turned and said, "We've got Division help? Let's go!"

We entered the building and found a courtyard with supplies, the leader then began collecting water from a container while the others spread out. i guarded the entrance.

Once we were supplied, we headed back. On our way I spotted a group of Hyenas patrolling. I was forced to engage when they opened fire. The civilians ran when they heard gunfire, but two guards from the settlement came running and helped me finish off the thugs. We all made it. I caught up with the group and they returned safely. The sentry guarding the settlement shouted, "They're back with supplies!" and cheered.

This was incredible. Take a moment to appreciate what just happened.

A group of NPCs independently went to collect supplies, they were smart enough to not enter an area they knew was dangerous, they then recognized there was a Division agent there to keep them safe and went to collect supplies. When they were finished, they walked back to their settlement. As they walked back another group of NPCs noticed they had supplies and opened fire. When they heard gunfire they ran to safety, and two more NPCs who were armed came to assist me in protecting the civilians.

We've come so far from civilians asking for water bottles and giving us random loot.

Washington D.C. is alive and I have never felt more immersed in an open world game. I am blown away.

Massive, you've truly outdone yourselves. You managed to make searching for water an engaging and rewarding task.


I'm super keen to trail a group of NPC's scavenging, myself, now....  Wow.

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I loved the beta so I’m getting it, standard though, couldn’t justify the extra $40 for what is basically just 3 days early access at the moment. Digitally on PS4 because I have two PS4’s. Anyone interested in squading up, feel free to send an invite or just simply join.


IGN and Gamespot have both posted reviews in progress that were good, I’ll be surprised if this game doesn’t get favorable reviews. Early impressions are near unanimously positive. Feel like I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this world.



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Loving the game so far. It has been patched up and seems better even than the last beta which is good. The game is playing beautifully for me so far (on PC - about 7 hrs played now) and no real technical issues thankfully. It’s gorgeous to look at, nice smooth frame rate, HDR works perfectly and good use of 5.1 sound - really well done. Lots of gameplay variety between story missions, free roam, side missions, control points, etc and I’m loving just wandering around DC and exploring the different areas. No problems so far with server queues either which is nice and coop has been very smooth for me. I just select my friend and invite him or click to join his instance; that’s it and you can fast travel to your friends which is really helpful. Missions scale to multiple players really well too - good challenge without feeling cheap or overpowered (at least so far).


There have been plenty of server restarts already though just since Friday so that was a little frustrating but, they are quick so nothing too bad.

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