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Halo Infinite (Xbox, PC) - Releasing December 8th, 2021

Romier S

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On a related note, Digital Foundry Retro took a look at the 2003 demo reel for Halo 2 to see how much of it held up in the final game.



Regardless of whether or not the visuals of the final game lived up to this demo (they didn't), this is still one of my favorite E3 showings ever.

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As expected, this is going to be a launch title for Xbox Scarlett next year. It makes sense too. Microsoft not only needs to get the hardware story right for its next gen console, it needs a killer game to launch with it.


The only question for me is will Halo: Infinite be that game? I don’t know. I so want this to be good, but 343 has dashed my hopes with the last two games. I’m hopeful, but remain skeptical until we know more. Everything I’ve seen so far gives me hope that it will turn out all right.


We shall see.

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 I didn't feel totally lost with 4. At the very least where it got confusing in story it made up for rather well in gameplay I felt. It was solid, I've just yet to play another game in the series that evokes my fond memories of 3, and my love of how tightly paced Reach was. The musical score for Guardians was very good though. I hope Kazuma Jinnouchi is doing the music for Infinite (*edit* Turns out he left 343 back in 2018. That's a shame). 


I'd like to play the Halo Wars games as I enjoy a decent RTS. 


Culled from reading elsewhere, these videos seem to be of relevance here to help fill us in:






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Timeline wise Halo Wars 2 is set after Halo 5 apparently. 


I forget why I didn't play it when I had the XB1X. Pretty sure it was on Gamepass during the time I had the console. Perhaps I felt burnt out on Spartans...etc having played 4 and Guardians back to back. That could well have left me being unfairly hard on Guardians. I don't know. I'm sure I'll play it again at some stage (I had initially planned to play through all of the Chief Collection at the time, but ended up just moving on to 4 and 5. Now that Reach is there though it might be fun someday to play through the entire series and the two 'Wars' games). 


Might as well share some Kazuma Jinnouchi love. He also scored the Infinite announcement trailer at the top of the thread.





There seems to be some indication, having Googled, that he might in fact have scored Infinite. Great news if true. The seemingly verified '343Employee' in this Reddit post appears to suggest Jinnouchi did indeed score it in a year old post, and refers to him still being at the studio at the time of writing (presumably then, and now, on a freelance contracted basis). Hopefully they will confirm details like this more formally in a few weeks.

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Halo 4 was highly dependent on external media for its story. It's the Star Wars syndrome where folks are like "But in this Guide To X book it says this character was actually married to" and folks if its that important, it should be in the damned game. I filled in the gaps well enough to understand 4 and frankly, I thought it was a pretty great game overall. It was "safe" Halo but it was solid and looked fantastic. 


At the time I was much more positive on 5 but I have cooled on it in recent years. I do not think its a better game than 4  at this point and the recycled boss battles really weighed it down for me on the second playthrough. Locke and his fireteam aren't particularly interesting within the context of the narrative either. It's not a bad game but I don't have any particularly positive feelings toward it either. 


I really hope that Infinite is a return to form for the series. I'd like to see them return to the Halo rings lore while building on the concept of Cortana being a rogue AI. My hopes for the game are high!


Also, ODST = Best Halo.

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4 hours ago, iainl said:

Back when you had an Xbox it wasn’t, if memory serves. It certainly got added relatively recently to Game Pass; before then it was pay-for DLC. 

ODST was added to the MCC in 2015.


Im pretty sure Daniel had an X far more recently than that.

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