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The Last of Us II - 2 Discs, Releasing June 19th, 2020

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Well what are you waiting for? A pandemic or something?

Summary courtesy of a resetera post: New traversal and prone move-sets. Combat has increased emphasis on tension, interactivity and realism. Enemy AI references each other by name,

Finished my New Game Plus collectibles run making LoU2 my 12th Platinum’d game.

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36.5 hours later, I am done. That was exhausting. The conflicted emotions. 



I didn’t want Ellie to kill Abby at the end. But did she really have to bite her fingers off.


I think I actually liked playing as Abby more from a gameplay perspective. The smoke bomb and trap mine were useless to me while I found myself utilizing every bit of Abby’s arsenal.

I know there is more, need time to process. I’m going to listen to the spoilercast on Kinda Funny finally.

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Ellie has the explosive arrows. That shit levels the playing field greatly.:)


Also, trap mines are a god send. Otherwise...



I agree that Abby is the more fun of the two. I do think that’s because she gets the better scenarios. I’ve said it a few times but the work up to the sky bridge, the bridge itself and the descent are my favorite sections of the game bar none.

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The explosive arrows were nice but I barely used them. I would mainly stealth unless I was discovered so I never really got into the habit of using them.


Embarrassingly, I killed myself more times with the trap mines then any enemy. Molotov cocktails and then 


Pipe bombs with Abby were my go to. That was what I used to take down Rat King. That whole hospital basement can suck it but I do agree the descent before it is one of the best encounters in the game.

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Perhaps something coming on the 26th. 




It could the long awaited "Factions" multiplayer mode that Neil had teased. It could be possible info on a PS5 version/upgrade. We'll have to wait and see!


I wouldn't say no to another feature length documentary ala "Grounded" for the sequel, too.

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I finally finished this last night, and have gone back and read through this thread since launch day. 

I would say overall that I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it, like I loved the first one. Gameplay wise, I was sometimes really enjoying it, and was on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding, and other times just wishing it was over with and that I’d just reach my destination so the game would move on. 

Story wise.... I dunno. It had stuff that I REALLY liked, and things that surprised and shocked me. And then there was stuff that I just wasn’t too sure about.


The way I had to play it, which I had to take a long break a little more than half way through, made it feel like two different games. Maybe that effected some of its impact. 

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