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The Last of Us Part II - Now with performance enhancing PS5 patch!

Romier S

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2 hours ago, foogledricks said:

The fact that they lost me in the middle, and won me back is quite the Triumph for Naughty Dog. I wonder how many people actually quit in the middle of the game. They would be an awesome stat.


I wonder what it would have been like had the game not leaked. If more people would have actually played it and came to your conclusions rather than write it off entirely. I have friends who won't play the game because of the leaks and I legit don't know exactly why. 

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I almost forgot. Anyone bothered by the following:

- Elle goes on a wild adventure to get gasoline for a generator to open a door. She does so, the door opens, and she just commences through the door and leaves the generator running.

- Abby uses the keys she stole from Owen to the Aquarium so she can get in later. She uses them, unlocks the doors, and then neither closes or locks the doors behind her


I almost quit playing and review-bombed the game.

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the design of the Tommy boss battle took years!


I couldn’t progress in this battle. Zombies attack me, I defend myself, Tommy snipes me. So frustrated. So I eventually gave up and just sprinted passed all the zombies and cover spots to the other end of the garage. Totally worked. Tommy. Never got a shot off. And then I threw a bomb when all the zombies caught up to me and killed them all at once.

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13 hours ago, Angel P said:

Hope the Abby chapter is true. 


11 hours ago, Paul said:

I would want it to take place after the events of TLOU II. Please no prequel.

Maybe it’s in that time gap between when you last play as her and the end of the game. That would be quite a story to tell (and gruesome at that).

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