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Ghost of Tsushima - Releases July 17th, 2020

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It's almost like my post went into a Lovecraftian hole in space along with all of the details of the patch that I posted. Scroll up, Jeff.

Did this get posted? Good interview by Criterion with a couple of devs on the cinematic influences on the game.  https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/7102-all-in-the-game-an-interactive-homage-to-

I don't usually mess around with photo modes in games... but this game is too pretty!      

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Since I would have potentially been interested in an Assassins Creed game set in that timeline in Japan, this looks to fill that void. I'd definitely like to play it someday (the black & white mode with Japanese language track really sells it for me). Hopefully it gets a nice PS5 enhancement patch.


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1 hour ago, Graeme said:

I completely forgot that this game was from Sucker Punch.


It seems a little bizarre that Sony has two big releases from two of their big studios months out from the new console launching. 

I can relate to this thinking. At the same time, the best thing you could do to carry forward your PS4 customers as PS5 customers is to show them your unwavering commitment to the PS4.


Google abandon's its products so frequently that I don't trust their new products. Sony supports their existing products so consistently that I trust their new products.

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It’s funny that, if you don’t count First Light, Sucker Punch delivered one of the first big games early in the PS4’s life, and are back to close* it out with another. 


* yes, yes, I know PS4s do not automatically cease to exist once the PS5 arrives. It's going to take me a while to go round to every owner's home and take a sledgehammer to their old consoles. 

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2 hours ago, Romier S said:





Yeah, the “Better Frame Rate” mode works a lot like it does on Horizon Zero Dawn, I think. The game runs at 1080p30, with more consistent overall performance. I’ll be interested in what they find in the next video they release.


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42 minutes ago, Whooter said:

I'm pretty early in the game, but I am loving it.  Just gorgeous.


One thing that throws me is that Khotun Khan is being played by the guy that was a high school gym teacher on Glee...  




Hah... I plan to choose the Japanese voice track immediately.

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I like the dub just fine - first time I’ve ever said that! Kept it in color too, since it’s bloody gorgeous. Only got far enough to unlock the map, but it’s a very fun game.


Finding a waypoint that let me compose a haiku for loot was pretty much the best thing ever, I have to say.

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