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Sable - PC and XB1 (amazing visuals)

Romier S

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The demo for this one is pretty rough, I have to say. It’s a demo though so I’m not too worried. I absolutely love the visual style and tone. It feels a lot like Panzer Dragoon Saga from an atmosphere standpoint. Like I could see a modern Team Andromeda going with something like this to explore the world in a PDS sequel. With polish this could be really special. Right now, though? Some serious LOD/shadow problems with the demo. You can see what I mean here:


After exploring for a bit, I came to the outpost to talk to the chief and this happened:


Shortly after I did the bike tutorial and the game crashed as soon as I got off of the bike. So yeah, not a great first impression at all but I still really dig the vibe here. I hope they get the kinks worked out as this is of high interest when it does release. I’ll try my hand at the demo again soon.

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