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Squatted Out of my own Domain


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My domain (fruhlinger.com) has been stolen by some Spanish / Caribbean affiliate site squatters.


Basically, I was trying to transfer my registrar from register.com to godaddy.com when register.com decided that my domain was going to go into holding for 60 days for "nonpayment." Basically, I didn't pay them to renew, and apparently they decided I missed my chance to transfer, so I lost control of the domain until it came out of holding or if I wanted to pay a huge renewal fee ($130!).


So, I decided to wait until it came out of holding and get it back. Apprently, someone else had the same idea. Now, these people don't have my last name, and they have nothing to do with it in any way shape or form. In fact, the site they put there is just a replica / hit affiliate of pillamusica.com, one of those mp3 porn-like spamfests.


I guess I got a decent amount of hits and was in enough Google searches that these f*ckers wanted my domain.


Do I have any right to that domain since I let it expire? I mean, it's *my* name, right?


Any ideas? Am I screwed?

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You are out of luck since it expired (I register domains for an ISP). We (I) don't even attempt to transferring registrars if it is within a few weeks of expiring because most of the time the registrar you are switching away from will drag their feet about it (Network Solutions being the worst to do that).


Sorry :) but maybe an alternate top level variation is available?

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