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Like Monkey said, the term "gone gold" is a software industry term, referring to the gold color of the CD-R that the final code is burned to and then sent to the duplicators. Of course, CD-R's aren't all gold colored anymore, but the name stuck.


In the music industry, going "gold" is sales of 500,000 units, whereas "platinum" is 1M units, and yes, better.

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Soooo, anybody wanna buy me an X-Box? ;)


Great review, but I never had any doubts, Bioware is the only company I trust to bring out quality product every single time. They have never disappointed in the RPG department and it sounds like they pulled out all the stops.


They'll do well with this I'd wager. Good show. I refuse to watch videos of the game in action because I'm certain it will engage my drool reflex.

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I was actually not gonna buy any games this month. I wasnt too intrested in Outlaw v-all and the few things i saw of KOTR didnt intrest me. But i picked up outlaw after good reviews on a few times and a few people on these boards. Then i saw a few movies online for KOTR and my intrest was peaked. Then ign gave it a 9.5 and spot 9.1 so i ordered it. Damn im gonna be busy this week

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