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Originally posted by adamsappel@Dec 27 2003, 08:35 PM

Scott, how is Corvette?

As I said before I had only played for about 5 minutes and wasn't overly impressed. Well, would 15 minutes make a difference? Read on to find out....


This morning when I woke up I didn't really have anything to do as I decided to move my job I had lined up until tomorrow. I had a really bad migraine headache last night and thought it would be best to relax a little today.


So, I got out of bed and was deciding whether to have some Fruit Loops or a strawberry Nutri-Grain bar. I opted for the Nutri-Grain bar, as I'm trying to get those "holiday pounds" off and get back into eating better again. So, after my breakfast bar (which was mighty tasty) I hopped online to see what was going on in LCVG land. Saw some good discussions happening, decided to reply to a few, got a chuckle out of some too.


With not much left to do I decided to play with my dogs for awhile, Lexxi and Nibbles. We had a good time out back playing fetch until Nibbles decided she'd rather eat the stick than play with it. Silly dog.


Nibbles had her snack and was still hungry, so I thought I'd might as well feed her. I gave her the normal 3 cups of Pedigree with large and crunchy bites and a bowl full of water. She inhaled it and was ready to come inside. Lexxi doesn't eat until later, so now what was I gonna do?


I decided to fire up PGR2 and make some progress in my all platinum quest. I added about 6 more to my total and decided to call it quits for awhile (those who try the platinum races know what I'm talking about here ;) ). Looking for a change of pace I remembered Allen had wondered about Corvette. Well, I was about to find out for him.





























It's still poop.


If anyone want's to know why it's poop and my rambling about my day doesn't show how uninteresting this title is, then by all means, just ask ;)

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Really? I've not seen very much in the way of positive stuff for it myself. Everything has been screaming average. It does have its price going for it, definitely, but all the reviews have commented on its lack of speed in most cars and squidgy handling. As I've already been bored half to death by the Mercedes Benz one-brand-only game due to bad handling and too many similiar, slow cars I've passed on it.

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Ford Racing


This is the title I was actually looking for when I was unfortunate enough to find Corvette. I've heard good things about it as well and is another $20 Xbox racer ($10 on PS2). It doesn't have online play, but it does support scoreboards and custom soundtracks (something Corvette does not). If I happen to find a copy I'm sure I'll pick it up.


I'll trade you Total Immersion Racing for Corvette. (yep I'm serious too)


No thanks. I've played that pile of crap as well, but thankfully I didn't buy it :)


As I've already been bored half to death by the Mercedes Benz one-brand-only game due to bad handling and too many similar, slow cars I've passed on it.


Ah yes, you'd love Corvette as it's basically MB World Racing, but with Corvette's. They both share the same crappy handling, no sense of speed, a physics engine from a Mary Kate and Ashley game, super shiny cars, and all around lack of interest from anyone who plays them.

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As a side note, when in the video shop yesterday I noticed a Ford Racing 2 in their '2 for ?30' section. Looks to be exactly the same game but with Live added, if that helps. I may even pick it up at some point, but I haven't even got PGR2 yet, and I'm also neck deep in other games to play right now.


edit - arrgh. A quick Google reveals that, contrary to the info on the back of the box, this Live support is just a laptime scoreboard and not racing.

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Best. Review. Ever. :lmfao:



Haven't seen Corvette yet, and it seems like i shouldn't be in a hurry ;) but a friend of mine brought over a racing game with Ford cars some time ago. I was already in the PGR2 fever when he brought it, so i wasn't overly interested. For a low cost title, i was surprised that it didn't suck behemoth sized monkeyballs. It looked ok, yet my judgement was shaded by PGR2 anyway (Oddly, IIRC, there was also a course with driving through cones?)


The only thing i remember standing out, was that my friend was driving a race with a Cosworth Ford Focus and its engine sound was probably the best i have ever heard in any game. Very non-repetitive, very aggresive, very nice!


Hope the game he brought over actually WAS the Ford Racing you guys are talking about here.... :? But i think it was.


Happy new year!


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Oh, and speaking of sucking behemoth sized monkeyballs...


I have had the pleasure of playing a bit of R: Racing Evolution. :? :shock: :lmfao: 8)


After recovering from the cheesiness of the introdction 'story' (nicely rendered, though), i played 2-3 episodes. The second (?) race, were you drive in that meditteranean village? Oh... my... god. That revealed that R:RE has the worst attempt at 'physics' i have seen in ages. The way the car seems to have a pin through its middle and 'levitates' over its front wheels in corners?


We were rolling on the floor. Honestly, i get sore stomach muscles by merely thinking about it.


:lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:

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