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Arcade1up - Classic Arcade cabinets coming soon for $299

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I have a proper, full-sized Mortal Kombat machine in my living room, but I will be the first in line to get the Arcade1Up version the moment it gets dolleyed off the truck. That lineup of new announce

All setup. No issues other than me not plugging in the power connection inside the cabinet deep enough. I had a minor heart attack thinking the thing was dead but with some minor troubleshooting, all

Got the decals put on today. And the riser is technically backwards. The Arcade 1up emblem on the front is huge and would have been peaking out behind the MK 2 logo. I decided to just turn it around s

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11 minutes ago, Romier S said:

Instant buy, wow.  Both the original arcade and Turtles in Time?




Imagine if they included The Simpsons and X-Men as well.




Wonder how they will do 4 player for these without it being too tight, hopefully expand the control panel off to the sides.


Price is going to be $349.99

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1 hour ago, JoeyN said:

That's not true, That's impossible :).  Supposedly something Star Wars will be announced.


If it's the OG vector Star Wars game, I'd be very curious to know how they implement the controls since that was such a custom controller, I can't think of any other games that would make use of it. That was one of my all time faves, but it was also one of the few 'beatable' games from that era, as it never got any more difficult after level 13...so high scores were really about how long a player could stay awake. I played a game on the sit down version for 8 hours one time.


Because of that difficulty plateau, it's a lot less interesting to me than many other arcade games.


I wonder if they will get Ms Pac Man on to the Pac Man machine...that would make it a lot more desirable IMO


Personally, I'd love to see Star Castle added to that Asteroids, Tempest machine...I loved that game

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