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Streets of Rage 4 Reveal Trailer

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It arrived!        

Yessss. I'd love to see Capcom do a modern Final Fight as well.

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The Xbox version is missing the video options of the other versions by the way including the pixel filters, etc. May not be an issue for you but what a silly omission. Glad it’s on Game Pass (i.e. I didn’t pay for it).


That having been said, there is /nothing/ as satisfying as throwing the pipe at an enemy and recatching.



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First playthrough of many done. Played through with a buddy via couch coop on the X. It’s a damned brawler masterpiece. It modernizes the formula while maintaining the right level of nostalgia I wanted from the series. It’s not Streets of Rage 2 but then that’s the game this is molded after so its a tough sled to surpass it. It is, however a better game than the original and the third chapter.  I’m absolutely ecstatic to have a new and legit /great/ installment in this series and I’m dying to play more. 

I’ve unlocked all three of the original Streets of Rage characters. Now to unlock the crew from 2....

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This....my god this...




From about 2:50 on is the most hyped I felt playing through the game. It’s during an old school style elevator level with shattered glass on each side and waves of enemies coming for you. It’s one of those perfect moments of synergy between the visuals, music and the gameplay that just lets you know you’re experiencing something special! 


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I've finished unlocking all of the retro characters on both the Xbox One and Switch versions. I have almost 2.6 million points on the Xbox One and 1.5 million on the Switch. I've beaten the game more times than I care to admit or track at this point (I've stopped updating the games beaten in 2020 for this game lol). To say that I adore it is an understatement. It's legit one of my favorite releases of 2020 and the soundtrack is a contender for the best gaming soundtrack of 2020 easily. 

On that note, Olivier has released an extended cut of "Rising Up" with the added music from 4-2 "Down the Beatch". You can listen to it here and buy it digitally as well:




It's legit sex for the ears.

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