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Free Subsciption to GamePro Magazine


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Thanks Howie,


I've never read GamePro Magazine, but I'll give it a shot. I just love getting magazines for free. I think it stems from a childhood experience wanting to feel important and grownup (by getting mail). Well enough of the self-psychoanalylizing (and proving that I have the mentality of a six year old).


I hope others take advantage of this steal.



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Originally posted by iCamp@Jan 1 2004, 10:07 PM

Nice that it's free -and it's a good find but I'm not sure I'd read GamePro even though it's free. :)

I have a free subscription and can't force myself to actively read it. I keep the latest issue in my bathroom to stave off boredom, but that's all it's really good for.


I started reading GamePro extremely early on...issue 3? 4? I'd guess this was 1989...I was definitely in sixth grade at the time. I thought it was brilliant, and I actually was a fan of the "Adventures of GamePro" strip. I even bought all three collections of comics, if that's any indication. I remember being incredibly excited about the debut of GamePro's syndicated JD Roth-hosted TV show. It was such an event that I even spent the night at a friend's house in anticipation. We couldn't find it in the TV listings, but GamePro listed a local station as airing it, so we got up unnecessarily early and checked in every half hour to see. (It never did air that morning, either. Even though I liked GamePro as a magazine back then, I never warmed up to the TV incarnation, from co-host Brennan's grating surfer voice to Roth's chroma-keyed shenanigans.)


I'm not 10 anymore, though, and GamePro holds absolutely no appeal to me anymore whatsoever. The writing is skewed fairly young -- I don't know what their target demographic is, but I'd guess somewhere around 12 to 14.


The emphasis appears to be on its reviews, and they certainly take up a hefty portion of the magazine. (Almost as much as the dozens and dozens of pages of advertisements!) They're entirely insubstantial, though -- it's rare for a title to receive more than a half-page write-up. Even "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" couldn't get a full page, at least not for the review. Screenshots, assorted eye candy, "ProTips" along the lines of "press 'Start' to pause the game!", and graphics/audio/etc. summaries eat up much of that space, leaving very little room for the actual review. I was skimming an issue a few months ago and noticed several reviews -- actual reviews, not previews -- that were four sentences in length. Four long sentences, admittedly, but still... Sports and RPGs have their own sections and enjoy more detailed reviews.


It bugs me too that the writers hide behind cartoonish personalities like "Scary Larry", and at least some of the staff writers use multiple psuedonyms. It's like...I dunno, I can't imagine being 25, flipping through an issue of GamePro, and thinking, "Well, the bullfrog with sunglasses rated this game a red smiley face, so I guess I'll shell out fifty bucks." I guess someone likes 'em -- GamePro makes action figures of some of those editors.


Oh, and if you thought "The Adventures of GamePro" was bad, try their current comic strip, "Hidden Characters". Jesus Christ on a cracker.

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I even bought all three collections of comics, if that's any indication.


I wondered who the other person was :P.


Adam you and I were at about the same place with regards to our GamePro evolution. Actually, our thoughts on the magazine now v. then are scarily similar...

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I've gotten two issues of this now from the free subscription. It's the first gaming magazine I've ever read through. As Adam said above, it's mostly just good bathroom reading material it seems. Do they ever give anything a bad review?


I certainly wouldn't pay for the subscription, but it's entertaining for a short while when I have to drop the kids off at the pool.

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Eww if that's the first gaming mag you have checked out then I feel for you. I really, really do. Gamepro is not quite bottom of the barrel (that distinct title goes to Nintendo Power) but its darn close. My first issue of Gamepro had this big tyrannosaurus rex on the cover with a game controller or something ridiculous like that - way back late 80s/1990 and I thought it was the best thing EVER. Besides EGM.


The most intellegent of the mags right now is Play magazine. Their writing is on a very professional level but unfortunately their reviews seemed completely biased and suck. Tiny little windows for some games and others get a multipage layout of fanboyish ravings (all well written however). Game Informer is surprisingly good these days as well. I remember checking them out years ago and thinking "wow what a steaming pile" but I actually paid for a subscription to it. Not bad. Its sad that EBGame's "mag" GMR really bites.


And despite the magazine "sucking", I still read EGM. I think Seanbaby is absolutely hilarious and would buy it just for his one little page of crap games he reviews. Its a riot. I nearly killed myself laughing so hard over the "bad box art" this month.

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