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Action Replay

Sam P

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Is it possible to copy saves from the XBOX Harddrive to the Action Replay memory card? I want to backup my saves on to the PC.


I went into memory management, looked at the files on the harddrive, and was only offered the option of delete. Is there supposed to be a copy option, say with the official XBOX mem card?



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The action replay for xbox is just a usb memory card reader/writer so it can't hook to the xbox - If you have a memory card in your xbox (it comes w/ one if you don't have one) you can copy most gamesaves to it - it will give you the option to copy when it sees you have a memory card in - and you have to select each sub-save one at a time (you can't just select a game and say copy all I believe). There are some that are locked from copying and some are extremely large that can't be.


After they are on the card you can use the AR to save off the files to your computer.


You can also accomplish the same thing yourself if you know how to solder. You just need an extra controller dongle and usb cable - more information here.


Hope this helps

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Also, make sure you're trying to copy from the right "level". You need to make sure you drill down to the individual savegame/settings "bubbles". If you only go as far as highlighting the game, I believe your only option is delete. Once you scroll down (or up) to the game you're interested in, make sure you go right to the individual files and try from there...


Hope that made sense. It did to me when I typed it.... :)

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