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Digital Foundry Retro - The Thread

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Poor Jon posted that his lovely 20L4 PVM featured in the video is having major problems and it’s causing him to lose sleep. I feel so bad for him cause I know that feeling of worry about irreplaceable technology and I’ve gotten to the point where I legit can’t play retro games on anything other than a quality CRT.

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Slightly off topic, but UK boutique Blu-ray label 88 Films have a new disc of Street Fighter The Movie coming out, which I only bring up here because John and occasional DF Retro guest Audi Sorlie have recorded an audio commentary and produced a Legacy of Street Fighter documentary for inclusion with the release.





[Strictly Limited to 3000 Units] 

  • Numbered Slipcase 
  • A3 Poster 
  • 4 x Postcards 
  • Audio Commentary with Director Steven E. de Souza 
  • [New] Audio Commentary from game historian and game producer Audi Sorlie and game analyst John Linneman known for their work on Digital Foundry 
  • [New] "Legacy of Street Fighter", John Linneman and Audi Sorlie explores the game series' history and popularity that lead to the box office hit film in 1994. 
  • [New] Shadaloo: Making Street Fighter - A new interview with writer/director Steven E. de Souza. 
  • [New] Will Crush You: Ken VS. Chapa - A new interview with actor Damian Chapa. 
  • [New] Game Over: Scoring Street Fighter - An interview with composer Graeme Revell. 
  • [New] An interview with Byron mann (Ryu) 
  • Deleted Scenes 
  • Featurette: The Making of Street Fighter 
  • Street Fighter Trailer 
  • Street Fighter TV Spots




Of course I’ll buy it. 😊 Nice collection of new special features. I don’t yet know whether it comes from a new master or not. 88 have been doing good work lately though.


I’m not sure if it will be locked to Region B (edit: apparently it is).

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