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Jeff W

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I have a question concerning my Live account, maybe someone else has dealt with this before and can help me. My year ran out in November and while I meant to get one of those cards for another year I never got around to it, the credit card I punched in when I first set up the account is no longer valid either(swapped over to another card w/ a lower rate). I recieved an e-mail from microsoft saying they were having problems charging the card as well. My question (s) to anyone who might know is/are: Can I use one of those live cards or do I have to get a whole new starter kit? And if I can use the card do I have the same gamertag or can I change it? I'd really rather just go buy the card instead of having it charged to my credit card, this was my intention all along. I haven't been on Live in some time and I'm really looking forward to getting back on and crushing some of you guys. 8)

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You still have to enter a credit card number to use the subscription cards. When using the 2-month ones, if you don't cancel it you'll be charged the higher monthly rate (though you can switch to yearly at any time). I don't know about keeping/changing the gamertag, but I wouldn't think you have to buy a whole new kit, just get the yearly card.

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